Mrs Mikaelson

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This was it today was the day I would officially become Mrs Giselle Mikealson.

It had been three years since I had been accidently turned by Elijah his blood being in my system when my mother and I killed one another.

It was days into my transformation when I realized that I still had my magic making me a hybrid of sorts. Due to this revelation, I the Siren of New Orleans had become even more notorious than before, the fact that I was marring an original made me that much more untouchable.

"Giselle, you look ... beautiful" Rebekah spoke entering the room breaking me from my thoughts.

"Do you think he'll like it?" I smirked smoothing down my dress.

"I believe you might just kill him" she joked.

I had forgone the latest fashions of today and with the help of a very talented French dress maker had created a gown inspired by ancient Rome.

The dress was a straightforward design, the material consisted of mostly chiffon with lace covered cap sleeves and sweetheart neckline. The gown was free flowing and flew around me as I walked, but tightened just under the bust with a jewel covered belt decorating it.

I also ditched the harsh, perfectly perfected hairstyles of the day and went with an effortless wispy up-do.

I also ditched the harsh, perfectly perfected hairstyles of the day and went with an effortless wispy up-do

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"Are you ready, it's time" Rebekah spoke again as I pulled my eyes from my reflection in the mirror.

Soft music played by a quartet started as Rebekah and I exited mine and Elijah's room in the compound, Bekah being my only bridesmaid walked down the stairs and down the aisle before me.

It was a small intimate affair just how I wanted it, I had let Klaus take charge of the guest list, the only people my soon to be brother-in-law deemed worthy were in attendance which was fine by me I didn't really care all that mattered was Elijah and I

I ignored the fake smiles, gasps of awe and jealous glares, as my green eyes met his chocolate coloured ones the entire world around us disappeared as I came closer to him.

"Giselle" he whispered in wonder, he grasped my hand in his and pulled me close kissing me fiercely causing the priest to clear his throat making me laugh and reluctantly pull away.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered her today, to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony, we will begin with vow's that Giselle and Elijah have written for one another" the priest said gesturing for Elijah to start first.

"Giselle, my beautiful enchantress I loved you .. I have lov ..."

"Elijah?" I panicked.

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