Chapter 6.

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When I'm done with the report I realize that it's just past midnight. Gathering my things and the folder with the report, I can feel my body become heavy. A deep yawn escapes my lips as I walk to Montoya's office, my legs feeling sleepy due to the fact that I've been sitting on my bottom for at least a couple of hours. Knocking on the door twice, I take a deep breath before I enter.

"It's ready, sir." I say, not able to prevent my voice from shaking a bit. The unpleasant, awkward atmosphere fills the room immediately, reminding me of him scolding me a few hours prior.

He looks up from his computer screen, his expression showing surprise. His raised brows fall in place slowly, and he leans back in his chair, breathing out deeply. A soft expression covers his face and he nods towards the table with his chin, signalling for me to get there.

When I finally hand him the report, he takes it without looking at me.

I feel my heartbeat quicken as he scans the pages in silence, looking through them as if he is to choose a meal from a menu. I watch as the muscles in his arms flexes as he turns the pages, his elbow resting on the chair arm, his chin held up by his hand, his index finger brushing over his bottom lip every now and then in concentration.

"It looks good," he finally breathes out, nodding, "good job."

"Really? You're okay with it? Nothing is wrong?" I ask, completely taken aback. To say that I expected an addition of at least two hours of work would be an understatement.

"It's alright."

"You're sure? Nothing I need to fix? Something I should've asked you about?" I keep rambling, my heartbeat quickening in excitement.

"Are you mocking me, Miss Abrahams?" he asks, a brow raising, his expression turning somewhat... amused?

"No! I'm being completely sincere."

"I am too, Miss Abrahams. I'm not one to overlook someone's effort, if it's done correctly. And this is done correctly."

"Oh. Well, thank you, I'm happy you like it." I say, every word as sincere as they can get. I don't know why but the expression on his face showing acceptance makes euphoria erupt within me and I'm in love with the feeling.

"Thank yourself, Miss Abrahams," he says, getting up from his seat, stacking some papers onto each other in an attempt to clean the table just a tiny bit. When he picks up his briefcase, I spontaneously grab his jacket hanging on the coat stand in a state of pure excitement. He turns around to look at me, raising his brow, his eyes shifting between me and his dark blue suit jacket.

My eyes widen as I realize that I'm literally holding his jacket for him. He runs his tongue along his bottom lip, the corner of his lip turning up in an amused smirk. Stretching his arm out, he slips it through the sleeve of his jacket. He's taller than me, so I raise my arms up higher, biting the inside of my cheek, shutting my eyes closed tightly.

What in God's name am I doing?!

"Thank you," he mutters, his voice almost teasing me, haunting me.

Oh my God, I'm such a weirdo.

I'm so embarrassed, heat covers my cheeks as I lower my face. I watch his hand signal for me to walk first from the corner of my eyes, and so I hurry outside, hearing his steps behind me. I try to steady my walking, my legs wobbling beneath me.

We walk into the elevator in silence, the only sound coming from my unrythmic breathing. We stand there, our elbows touching, both facing the doors. I watch as the doors close slowly, and suddenly the silence is interrupted. With my stomach rumbling uncontrollably.

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