Chapter 2.

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I stare at my reflection in the mirror the next day. I'm wearing a black, tight pencil dress reaching just below my knee and a pair of nude stilettos. Aunt Donna has gathered my light brown locks in a sleek bun behind my head, pinning it with a ton of bobby pins. Her hands really do work wonders despite her age. Well, she didn't work in a beauty salon for years for nothing.

"You will do great! I believe in you," Mr. Tipton tell me, standing just next to aunt Donna behind me. I can see them both staring at me from the mirror. Turning around, I smooth my dress.

"Thank you, Mr. Tipton," I smile genuinely, taking his wrinkly hands in mine, "and thank you for telling me about this."

"Oh Hannah, dear beautiful Hannah. I wouldn't be able to travel the word knowing that I was the reason for you to walk around the streets searching for a new place to do your wonders." he smiles, squeezing my hand gently.

"You managed to turn my place into a boutique. It didn't look like much else than a landfill," he laughs and we laugh along. Tears have gathered at the corners of my eyes, but that doesn't stop him from continuing.

"You are like a daughter to me, Hannah. I know you'll do well. The person that you'll hopefully be working for is a close friend of mine. He is a difficult man, but you'll turn him into something easy, just as you did with my boutique. Now good luck, I'll have to go home and pack my bags now."

With that, he pulls me into a hug, telling us goodbye just before he's out the door, leaving us to ourselves.

"He's such a sweet man! Look how he found you a place to work instead! And this is nothing like working in an old boutique. This is working as an assistant for a freaking CEO!" aunt Donna chirps excitedly, taking off the lid of her nude lipstick, coating my lips with them.

"Well he did recommend me going there, but that doesn't mean I'll get the job-"

"Oh, of course you will! Tipton said he knew the owner, he has probably talked to him already! If he wasn't sure you would get it, he wouldn't recommend it to you. Now you go out, sway your hips, hold up your chin and do that interview. Because we really need this. And I believe in you!" she says, pulling me into a loose hug, making sure not to ruin my oh so put together appearance.

"Thanks for dolling me up, aunt Donna. You know I wouldn't be able to look like this without you."

"Oh I know, honey, you got your mother's genes! 'I don't need lipstick, I don't like dresses', that what she would always say. But every girl needs lipstick and dresses!" she mumbles, putting away the stuff that she used on my face, "Oh, whatever. Each to their own. Now go, don't be late! And make sure to get that shit!"

Laughing, I walk out of the door, catching the bus with my documents in my hand and mind full og determination. I can do this. I will do this. I have to do this. 

Walking through the corridor of the enormous building of the company, I feel a rush of different emotions. I feel so small and vulnerable in this huge building with a ton of beautiful, tall women walking around as if they own the place. But the click of my heels on the marble floor gives me a slight confidence boost as well, instinctively making a small smile spread across my lips. Butterflies are going wild in my stomach. This place looks so polished, so bright and serious, I can't believe I actually might, perhaps, be working here.

When I reach the first reception, I'm directed to the top floor. That must be where the CEO is staying?

After waiting outside his office on the comfortable, grey couches, I'm finally being called by a woman I would mistake for a middle-aged model anytime. She guides me towards what feel like the other end of the building, and when we finally arrive, she knocks on the door two times. 

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