Chapter 5.

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"So how did your first day go?" aunt Donna asks, placing the tray with green tea on the coffee table. She's wearing her old, supposed-to-be-white robe, which is now qualified to be called cream coloured, and despite the fact that I have bought her a new one, she insists on wearing this.

"It was weird..." I start, tasting the words in my mouth, giving myself a second to replay the whole day in my head, "but alright, I guess."

The last part isn't true at all, however I don't want aunt Donna to worry about the maniac of a boss I have.

"Weird?" Jenna plops down on the sofa, raising a brow at me.

Yes, finding out that my boss is the man who kissed me a few days ago and now accuses me of being desperate for him is indeed weird.

"Yeah..." I raise a warning brow at her, indicating that I will tell her everything later. She, being my best friend for eight years, understands and does a small nod.

"Why 'weird'?" aunt Donna imitates, sipping on her green tea.

"Oh, I mean, I thought my CEO would be 40 or something. He doesn't even look 30." I say, trying to sound as casual as possible. Although this isn't the exact reason behind the weirdness of the whole situation, it still is true. How old is he even?

"Oh, is he hot?" Aunt Donna's eyes widen in curiousness.

"Aunt Donna!"

"What? Honey, what's better than assisting a hot young CEO, I mean that's every girl's dream, isn't it Jenna?"

"It so is, Don." Jenna chirps, nodding her head in exaggerated agreement.

"Well, I dated my boss when I worked at the hot dog booth..." Aunt Donna trails off, a sly smile forming on her lips.

"Was he young and hot?" Jenna asks, excitement written all over her.

"No, he was old and wrinkly, but the money was fresh!"

"Eww!" I groan, waving my hand at her face, begging for her to stop, but Jenna bursts into laughter.

"Oh, whatever! You need to live in the present. Some things may seem stupid, may not seem worth it, but it is. Like gambling everything away in a night!" She grins, and suddenly the atmosphere has changed. Jenna lowers her gaze, her expression showing unease, and I watch aunt Donna as the smile she forced to begin with slowly fades away. She tried to make a joke out of our pitiful situation, and suddenly I wish I laughed with her.

While I wonder how I can save the situation, my phone vibrates. Saved by the phone.


"I need you to be in my office in 15." Mr. Montoya's familiar deep voice demands.

"What?! At this time? For what?" I ask.

"You'll know when you arrive."

My jaw drops and Jenna and aunt Donna looks at me questioningly. 

"I live 15 minutes away and I'm in my pyjamas!" I protest.

"Fine. Be here in 16."

"You give me one minute to get ready, sir?"

"Yes, and you have 50 seconds left. I'll see you soon Miss Abrahams."

And with that he hangs up, leaving me sitting there wide eyed, the phone clutched to my ear.

"Who was it?" they both asks in reunion.

"A psychopath," I sneer, getting up from my seat, almost knocking over the coffee table.

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