Chapter 3.

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"Have you remembered the egg?" I hear Fransesca yell through the speakers of my phone, making me glance back at the tray.

"Yes, Mrs. Montoya."

"Red peppers?"


"His smoothie?"

Glancing at the fancy wooden tray one more time, I realize that I have forgotten the smoothie.

"Uhm, no."

"Hannah! Oh my God, he'll be down any minute! Hurry up, the glass is in the top cabinet -" she screams through the phone frantically, making my heart hammer against my chest. God, she's stressing me out.

"Which one, left or right?!" I yell, opening both of them.

"Right! Hannah, I told you the smoothie was important. "

"Yes, but I forgot, I'm sorry -"


Gasping, I jump back, looking down at the thousands of glass pieces that were once the glass I held in my hand, now scattered across the floor. 

"Hannah, do not tell me that you just dropped the glass."

"Uhm, I didn't." I whisper, biting onto my lip.

"I can't hear you!"

"I did."

"Hannah,  I can literally feel my stress vein popping. And it's not good for my botox! I told you the smoothie was important!"

"I'm sorry!"

"Okay, Fransesca, calm down," she tells herself, "Hannah, take a new cup - slowly - and pour the smoothie into it. You did make the smoothie right?"

"Y-Yes, yes I did," I tell her, carefully grabbing a new glass from the cabinet, walking towards the blender, making sure not to step on any glass, "oh, and what kind of smoothie is this? Ginger, mint, parsley and turmeric? That must be tasting disgusting -"

"Concentrate Hannah!"

"Okay, sorry."

Pouring the rather disgusting looking green mixture into the cup I place it on the tray.


"Thank God, now I can breathe," I hear her take a couple of long, deep breaths through the phone, "okay, it's exactly 6.28, he'll be down in two minutes. You need to close the phone, put the tray onto the table, and wait there. When he gets down -"

"I tell him good morning and smile. Then, when he has taken his seat, I ask if he needs anything else. Then I'm going to ask if I should wait in the car. We went through this twenty times yesterday, Mrs. Montoya, I have everything under control."

The mess on the floor says something else. 

"Okay, be quick and sweep the glass pieces out of sight. The maid will clean it up later. Don't forget to smooth out your dress -"

"Alright, I'll see you later, Mrs. Montoya." I rush, quickly hanging, sighing out in relief. This woman is going to be the death of me.

Walking back to the glass pieces, I grab the broom and sweep the glass pieces behind the island. My heart is hammering against my chest, and I hate myself for it. I'm one of those persons who gets extremely nervous and I'm just as extremely bad at hiding or ignoring it. It's a trait of mine that I have been working on for years, but still, right now, I have to mentally scold myself for being so nervous about his arrival. Which is right now.

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