2 - Date Confusion

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She tried her best not to blush, but her body defied her. She never hung out with Stiles, just Allison and only sometimes Scott, so this scared her. Allison must have been able to read Lydia's mind,because just as Lydia was about to turn around and go to class and never see Stiles again because she was too embarrassed, she spoke up. "So, guys, Scott and I were going to go bowling and we were wondering if you'd like to come?" Lydia glared at Allison. She knew Lydia wasn't a social kind of girl, and she wanted to get her out of her shell. In a way, Lydia knew she should be thankful. 

"Sounds like fun, I'm in!" Stiles exclaimed. Lydia felt butterflies in her tummy.

"I don't know if I can, Ally..." Lydia said. She knew Allison would get a hint, because she had a worried tone in her voice. "Lydia, come on, it'll be fun." Scott told her. She protested once more, but she knew she was defeated. "Come on, Lydia, what do you say?"

"Fine, I'll come! But i'm not drinking anything, and I'm going home at eleven." Lydia mumbled the last part about going home, because she knew if she said it out loud to them, Allison and Scott would tell her "No one goes home until midnight! That's a real night out!" She felt regret, but she thought if it helps me to get friends, I'll do it.

"Great! Ummm, Stiles, will you pick Lydia up at about eight tonight?" Allison asked Stiles, winking at Lydia while she did. "Allison, I have my own car..." Lydia stated. Did Allison really just knowingly ask Stiles freaking Stilinski to pick Lydia up? Lydia blushed furiously. "Well, you wouldn't want a lonely drive now, would you? I mean, Scott's only got two seats on his bike, and he's getting it fixed after school, I'm sure Stiles wouldn't want to drive alone." Allison said, forcing a smile. She was trying to get a message across to Lydia. "Allison, can I talk to you for a minute? In private?" She glanced over at Scott and Stiles, who seemed to be smirking. She dragged Allison over to the other side of the parking lot.

"Allison, what the hell are you doing? You know I've had a massive crush on him since third grade! He's going to think I'm a freak!" She half yelled at Allison. 

"Lydia, listen to me, all I'm trying to do is give things a little kick start, and then who knows what will happen?" Allison giggled. 

"Ally, I'm serious, I don't want to embarrass myself." She gave Allison a small frown, which made Allison feel sorry for her. 

"Nothing will go wrong, Lydia, I promise. Tonight will be fun!" Allison gave Lydia a sympathetic smile, and started back to the boys. Lydia followed closely behind.

"So, Stiles, will you?" Allison asked, putting on her best puppy dog eyes and cuddling into Scott. Lydia just stood leaning against her car, feeling to embarrassed to take her eyes off the ground. 

"Sure, I don't fancy a lonely ride." Stiles winked at Lydia and started walking away. "See you at eight, Martin!" He shouted back to Lydia. Allison and Scott went after him, and they joined their usual possey, and Lydia just sighed into her hands. She set off to start her day, anxiety filling her insides.

It was a usual day for Lydia, History first, then English Literature, free period, Math class and so on, just filled with more worry. When she got home, Allison was waiting outside of her house leaning against a rail. 

"Allison, how did you get here? I just dropped Scott off. Did Stiles drop you off?" Lydia was curious. Had she said anything to Stiles about her? 

"Don't worry Lydia, your secret's still safe and yes he did drop me off!" Allison had a huge smile on her face which just made Lydia worry. She knew something had happened. 

"Alright, Allison, tell me what happened."

"Okay. So after school I was trying to find you, which actually surprised a lot of people, but anyway, I ran into Stiles, who just so happened to be looking for Scott. I told him you'd probably gave him a ride home, so he offered to drop me off at my house. I told him I wanted to come here so we took a detour. When we got in his car, he looked like he wanted to ask me something." Allison was bubbling with excitement. "Allison, let's go upstairs. You look like you're about to explode." Lydia said while laughing.

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