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Pen Your Pride

YAY Chapter 2 sorry if it seems a bit rushed but, I wanna thank everyone who supports this book


The next day at a schoolhouse in Liverpool it seemed like just a regular day. Children were walking single file into the small schoolhouse, it was just near daybreak and yet this is as I said before very normal. They came in slowly and silently as if going to a funeral. Things seemed very very bleak but, not completely for today was not like every other day. In a field not far from there, there was a crater where a boy is lying, he is an interesting boy, his seems to be wearing an ivory colored tunic and light brown pants but it was hard to tell because his clothes are entwined with vines. He also had on him a small dagger on his left hip, he has no shoes and his hair is a mess but, he seemed surprisingly calm just laying there unbeknownst to all the schoolchildren.

His hair was the color of sand on a cloudy day. His sandy colored hair was layered with hints of red and black as it lay flat atop his tanned skin. He started to stir, his eyelids slowly rising exposing his chestnut brown eyes that look as if they had seen a hundred sunrises and dreamed a thousand dreams. He also looked like he had seen many a fight. Anyway he opened his eyes and looked around as if everything around him as if he was caged, he seemed seemingly confused so, he got up and stretched then just started walking.

He didn't know where he was going all he knew is that he was going somewhere. He ended up actually finding someplace, the schoolhouse. He decided to take a peek through a window and was spotted by what seemed to be an older woman who had white hair tightened atop her head and was wearing a dark grey dress with fluffed sleeves that straightened for that tight Victorian fit. she also had on reading glasses that were sitting atop her long pointed nose as she was glaring at the young boy through dark eyes that seemed to pierce through your soul, her voice wasn't very different. She took off her reading glasses "May I help you?"

"Na I'm good."

"Oh really?"


"Your late."

"Late for what? What is this place?"

"It's school as you should know and you are late!" She said dragging the young boy into the schoolhouse, all the children ,except the boy, started laughing. She brought him up to the board and said. "Now tell me your name."

"why?" exclaimed the boy

"So I can mail your parents about your behavior."

"But, I don't have any parents." the boy said shrugging

"No parent's? Then who is your guardian?"

"Uhhh...good question, I guess myself." He said with a shrug

The woman started laughing, though it seemed more like a cackle , and it made the boy step back and reach for his dagger. Her eyes instantly turned toward the boy and then to the dagger her glare instantly increased scaring almost if not all the children. She demanded his dagger, "Now give that here boy!"



"Don't call me boy, my name's Peter!!! Peter Pan!!!"

"Ahh so now I get your name, NOW GIVE ME THE KNIFE!!!"


"And why not!?!"

"Because, you could be a pirate!!"

The whole class erupted in laughs but, it didn't seem to phase Peter in the least bit, it just made him angrier, a lot angrier. "I can assure you boy I am no pirate." Said the woman but, now Peter was the one glaring. "Just give it to her!" Said a boy in the back of the classroom. Peter didn't hear that because his attention was preoccupied not because of the supposed woman/teacher or the loud rough patch of students but because of a girl, her brown hair shone in the sunlight making him block out almost all the troubles he had.

She looked up to see what was going on and he was taken back by her ice blue eyes that he thought looked even prettier than the mermaids lagoon. She seemed to be blushing which only fueled Peter's amazement at how every feature on her face seemed to be highlighted by her pale skin. He was so focused on her he didn't even notice that his dagger was being taken from him and that he was being led to a seat. Though he started blushing when he found out that he was right behind her. He couldn't even focus on the chalkboard though it's not like he had good focus studying before. He seemed to be studying every inch of the girl. Until he was rudely interupted by the teacher hitting his hand with a ruler he glared at the teacher yet again then turned to the girl and saw her hand was up the teacher called upon her and he practically memorized the girl's name "Petal". He went through some of his many adventures and though that maybe something is missing, something beautiful. He kept on staring at her until she turned around "Hi." she said casually while Peter was at a loss for words. "Who are you exactly? I know you don't go here."  "Uhhh" said Peter

"Fine, don't tell me I'll figure out somehow"

Peter's face went red as she walked off, he looked aroud, the building was empty. Now he wasn't only confused but lost to.

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