Part 21

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Runaway Love

July 24, 2015 at 2:03PM


Dear Wes,

            It's my birthday and you didn't get me a present. That's ok, I forgive you. Let's see....what could you get me since you have no idea who I really am and where I live. I've got it! You can tell me the long story about the old wound. It's a perfect gift. I love long stories and old wounds.

            Your birthday sounds way cooler than mine. I've never been to a strip club or a bar for that matter. I have however drank beer, and from my experience at the trailer park I've learned there is good beer and nasty beer. I can only imagine the kind of beer you were drinking if they were giving it away for "Any Coin."  I hope the entertainment was better than the beer.

            It's no big surprise that my biggest regret has been not getting in that car with Wendy when she left. We probably wouldn't have gotten very far, but at least I would have tried to leave. I'm always too cautious. I plan everything and need to think my steps through a million times before I make the leap. That day when she asked me if I wanted to go with her, I told her no. It was the wrong answer and I regret it everyday.

I chose my high school diploma and my new boyfriend at the time over getting out of this town. If she had left a month earlier, I wouldn't have been in this relationship. I wouldn't have met him yet and hitched my wagon to him. The relationship was so new at that point when she left, I believed he was going to be my saving grace. I hadn't learned yet that only I can save myself. Now I know and every day I'm stuck here feels like torture.

Your question: What's your biggest fear?

Let's go with dare this time...why not?...It's my birthday.

Life is Worth Living,


P.S. I happen to have a thing for men who aren't completely white. I live in a town of cookie cutter houses and corn-fed white boys. Been there, done that. I think mixing the ink always results in the best color.

****What's your biggest fear? If you were writing to Wes, what would you want to ask him?*****

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