Chapter 3: The Border

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Chapter 3: The Border

Agent Miranda sits on a high tree branch, pieces of bark digging into her skin, as she waits for a response from command. The wind is moist and the air humid. Overhead, thunderclouds rumble ominously. It certainly is a foreboding sign, and the day hasn’t even started yet. Her sunglasses reflect brilliantly the afternoon light, and conceal her calculating gaze.

Below her runs a highway. To the east lies Littlecrest. From the FBI’s records on EX0L8 – no, Sara, it is her home town. They wouldn’t even be here were it not for that information. And who gave them the Intel in order for them to predict her route? None other than General Gunther, who confessed to engaging in the illegal experiments that gave birth to the sad child’s life. No one could have believed it possible that something like this could be happening.

Or rather, has been happening, as it turns out, since sometime after World War ll. Records given by Gunther, who even he admits having little knowledge of their entire operation, indicated that the entity which would become Project Revolution, as ReconTech secretly calls itself, and officially came about during that time. But back then, there was no genetic experimentation, only experiments having to do with the study of various chemical reactions that would ordinarily be of no concern.

But regardless of that, it doesn’t really matter. The courts cannot begin prosecution of ReconTech without two key components for the trial, the Director, and of course, the most important witness to the crimes of ReconTech itself, Sara. However, judging by previous encounters, Miranda calculates the likelihood of cooperation to be as little as absolute zero. Which is why she is waiting for authorization for full force to be deployed in the capture of Sara, else they will never get her to come with them.

That girl is beyond reason. I don’t know what purpose she has for returning here, but it will have to wait. Justice needs to be served against that man.

Her various agents and soldiers are busy preparing themselves, armed with bulletproof vests and countless non-lethal stunning weaponry. Miranda hopes it will be enough, but then again both she and Agent Thomas will be making sure things go to plan. But even if that fails, there’s always… him.

Suddenly a crack of static goes off over the radio.

“Yes Command? What is your response?”

“Agent Miranda and Thomas, you are authorized to use full force if talks fail. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Miranda nods briefly. “Understood. And just in time too. Isn’t that her, Thomas?”

Sara is running straight at them, and as she sees the soldiers and agents waiting for her, she skids and slows down, fast. She quickly starts looking at every one of them, watching their every move.

Miranda slides off the branch, hearing the fabric of her pants being scratched by the tree bark. She lands gracefully on two feet, while Thomas, trying to mimic her graceful style, crashes and lands on his bum, not the first time either. Miranda looks at him with a scolding look.

“I tell you not to do that every time, and you go and land on your sorry rear every time.” She says curtly, and Thomas stands up, brushing himself off.

“I know, I know. Couldn’t help myself.” He replies with a shrug.

Miranda gives him one more look, “You’re too laidback, you know that?” before returning attention to Sara, who looks like she’s getting into a foul mood.

Lightning flashes, the light from the flash temporarily making Sara seem ghost white. Her eyes narrow in irritation and her fists clench.

“How long do you intend to keep me waiting? Get out of my way; I don’t have time for you.” Thunder rumbles, and a sharp gust of wind blows through the trees, the air becomes heavy with the smell of approaching rain.

Miranda and her fellow agents tense up, preparing themselves.

“Look, EX0L8, Sara, which ever you go by, listen to us. We’re not your enemy. In fact, we really need your help. We share a common enemy, a common goal. We would like for you to-“

Sara lifts up a hand to interrupt her.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m going to stop you there. I know what you want, you want me to help you find the Director, am I right? Well I’m sorry but I’m afraid you’ll have to bring your boss, whoever that is, that I’m not interested in helping you!” Sara says with a serious glare, her body now in a combat stance. “If you keep standing in my way, do not blame me if I break a few heads!!”

When the agents do not reply, Sara smirks faintly.

“…So be it.” A great crash of thunder echoes through the sky, a violent storm approaches quickly.

Several of the FBI agents rush her head on, while several loop around to flank her. She responds by reaching up to grab a thick tree branch, and in one swift movement, tears it off the tree and smashes the whole lot of their heads in a wide circle, sending the agents flying into each other, trees, and one poor fool into a pond with a very hungry python swimming in the water.

She smirks, twirling around with the branch and strikes a mocking pose at them. “If that’s all you got then I’d be ashamed if I were in charge of this country. You’re all pathetic!”

Wordlessly, the others move in, being careful not to get too close to the branch as she swings it around like a polearm. One of the agents chops on the branch and breaks it with his arm, allowing himself a light smile at removing the problem. He immediately takes it back when she grabs him by the cuff of his collar and throws him at one of his allies, knocking the two out. Another agent ducks in and tries to land a punch to her stomach, but she easily dodges and drops him with a swift kick to his pride.

Two more approach her from the side and she turns and starts punching them ruthlessly again and again, finishing it off with an uppercut to one’s jaw, and for the second a chop to the leg followed by a smashing of his spine.

She continues to fight with little effort until the average troops have been knocked out, leaving Agents Miranda and Thomas apprehensive as she approaches them. She narrows her eyes at them, gauging their next move carefully.

Miranda looks at her partner. “What do you think, Thomas? What should we do about this?”

Thomas silently nods to her; a secret understanding passes between them.

Thomas takes out his radio, and clicks the broadcast button. “This is Agent Thomas. We’d like your assistance any time now.”

A very familiar, echoing voice replies, “Understood. It’s been a while, and we’ve got a score to settle…”

EX8OA slams down from the sky, dust flying from his landing. He slowly stands up, a psychotic grin on his blazing face. “Long time no see, as they say, EX0L8. Let’s say we have another round eh? I’ll show you my renewed strength… and my brand new eyes!!” New, mechanical amber eyes widen with violent glee and he cracks his knuckles.

Thomas coughs uncomfortably. “Remember what we said, no killing her. We just want her-“

EX80A waves him off. “I heard you the first time, you need not repeat yourself. You want her to be docile enough to get whatever information you want from her, fair enough. But I will still have my fun. After all, I really must repay you for stealing the light from my world, EX0L8.”

Sara gives the two FBI agents a murderous glare before dodging a punch from EX8OA.

“Oh believe me; you’re going to wish that he DID kill me!!!” Sara roars.

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