I am a fantasy story writer and reader, who really really likes fantasy. I love reading and discovering new stories and worlds to explore, and I love making them in turn. I have many hobbies, such as music making, as well as game development. One of the all time favorite stories of mine is Dragon Tide Chronicles, my novel series I have not forgotten, rather not had the time to work on.

For those of you wondering about my old projects, my novels remain dear to my heart, sadly, I do not know myself when I will return to the world of Aladoria. But I shall return. And possibly even bring new worlds to your attention as well. Stay tuned! ;) I'm still here.
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Gods of the Abyss

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Description: A short story about the eternal conflict between Avernius and Zero, the Gods of Good and Evil in my gaming universe.

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Dragon Tide Chronicles: Dawn Rising Edited

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EX0L8: Retribution (Book 2)

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Dragon Tide Chronicles: Dawn Rising

Dragon Tide Chronicles: Dawn Rising

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Hello... It's me. If you all still remember me, I'm honestly flattered. These past few years I have been busy with other projects, and that may not change soon. However I've never forgotten my old novels, in fact I have always regretted not being able to finish my novel Dragon Tide and finish editing. Maybe I will resolve that long standing glaring issue.
      I do have plans on creating new content again, so perhaps this marks a return to this site, I do not yet know. But my lord this site changed a lot. Any case, I suspect I have lots to catch up on...