Reading and Writing is my greatest passion. I have been clocked at reading a whole novel in an hour or less. If I love a book, I will NOT put it down untill it is finished, no matter how big it is. Interupting me while doing so usually makes me really really mad. So morale of that story: do not disturb a reading DracoWyrm.

I mainly write fantasy novels, though I may experiment occasionally with different genres. I ask that you please leave feedback when reading my novels, as I want to get as much information as to WHAT I'm doing wrong with my novels. I can deal with critisim, but please do not hate on my works. I would not do so to you. Respect the golden rule please!!!

I am 17, and very hopeful towards becoming a published author. I am a very caring person who always supports my freinds and family, and would be more then happy to comment and give feedback to you, as I always love trying something new.

Please, NO erotica. All other stuff is a MAYBE except Fantasy, Mystery, and Sci Fi. I love those!

Have a GREAT day, and hope to see you around!
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