Chapter 1- War

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Kaylie's POV

"Kaylie! Run! What are you doing here? Go back to the shelter!" I heard my brother's voice in my head.

"You can be sure as heck I'm not leaving till they are either dead or surrendering." I snapped back and chased after the spotted white wolf, definitely a rogue.

"Kaylie! Go back!" He kept intruding my mind. I growled.

"I'M NOT GOING BACK SHAWN! I'M STAYING HERE!" I roared into his mind.

I heard him growl back, but he let me continue fighting.

I teared apart a couple more necks and a feeling of uneasiness ran through my body.

Uh oh.

I felt the wolf of my father coming towards me, and it was hard to not notice that he wasn't happy. At all. I turned around and realized that we had won the battle. Everyone in my pack was turning from my father to me.

I gulped.

"I knew we should have listened to Shawn's words..." I interrupted my wolf's thoughts.

"Oh shush it, Lexi."

I watched as my dad's wolf went back to the trees and walked back in his human form, already clothed.

-Kaylie, go back and shift.- I lowered my ears to express my remorse. I did as told and changed back into my human form, dressing myself with a pair of shorts and a hoodie.

"He's going to kill us." I rolled my eyes at my wolf.

I put my hair in a messy bun and started heading back to the clearing, where our pack was burning down the rogues' bodies already.

I turned my attention to my dad.

-Father.- I bowed lightly.

-Kaylie.- My body shivered, while my wolf whimpered.- Why were you here? You're supposed to be with your mother, in the shelter, safe and sound.

His voice was calm, enough for it to seem threatening.

-I couldn't...- my voice trailed off as I wished I never said that.

-What was that?

I straightened myself, gaining courage and confidence enough.

"Don't, Kaylie, you'll get us into much more trouble..." I ignored my wolf.

-I couldn't stay back there knowing that my pack was fighting for us, risking their lives for the sake of us.

I heard the amusement and pride in my pack's comments. I could tell they were proud that I was the princess, but to be honest, I couldn't stay away and let them fight while I did nothing. This behavior of mine usually made my father upset, but I knew he was secretly proud of me, of my loyalty and my willingness to even risk my security for my pack.

He sighed, like always, but my wolf was telling me that something else worried him.

-Dad, are you alright? Something's wrong, isn't it? I can tell something is worrying you.

His eyes showed a caring feeling, he would always be touched by how I worried about everything but me. Anyways, that's how I was raised, it was my way of thinking, and I loved each aspect about it.

-Yes, my dear Kaylie, there has been a declaration of war... From the Dark Moon pack.

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