He's Back!

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Torchwick finally escaped the stomach of the beast with a single blow.Feathers,bones,and pieces of cartilage were sent flying everywhere.He looked at his surroundings,until he spotted her."I swear,Red,you will regret becoming a huntress.I will find a way,"he muttered at Red.

He ran back to his home,to change into clothes that weren't covered in blood,and settled down to read a book.He read all of the fairy tales growing up.His favorites were,Alice in Wonderland,Pinnochio,and Little Red Riding Hood.He started to re-read Red Riding Hood,until the image of Red herself crossed his mind.He set the book down immediately."I'm too old for these anyway,"he muttered.
He spotted his old uniform from when his father tried to enroll him into the academy about 8 years ago.Three years Red has been at beacon.He then had the perfect idea.

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