Welcome to The Disco, I mean Digital Nomad Manifesto

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Use your mistakes. ―Grace Jones

A manifesto is usually short and sweet, but this one is not. A manifesto usually provides concrete steps and explicit political directives, and there is little of that here. This manifesto is meant as a platform for others to see themselves. This is an extended game of pointing to what is already manifest in the world. This is a game of I/EyeSpy, as a poem.

Crisis situations are breakthrough opportunities, and what we face every day is a series of potential crises, a growing complexity in daily choices, that require not one manifesto, not one voice, but the many, the each and everyone of us. To understand the macro we have to look at the micro-components, and that includes all of us. This is an invitation to embrace the opportunities lying in our aftermath.

What matters now is not one lost garden, one fallen utopia, but the imperfect gardens of reality, sprouting all around and within us. Our quality of life does not depend on resurrecting some lost perfection, but on how well we strike a balance between our imperfections, pressures and needs.

Quality of life onEarth: this is a game of percentages, and to play any game well, the field must be visible. To handle our current crises of survival, the parameters and the terrain must be grasped by its players. This manifesto is not about doctrine, this is about uncovering the purpose of peaceful co-existence.

It is impossible to play any game properly, if one is operating from a platform of fear,so from what I can see, this is about staring fear down and then moving away from it, moment by moment, action by action. .

This manifesto is about your right to be recognized as the free being you are. Everyone wants to give you rules and regulations that point to freedom, but those are only tools and signposts, not actual freedom. Freedom is like love, in that it has its own natural flow. Freedom, like love has been perverted into something we earn, instead, it is aspect of ourselves we discover and cultivate within us, something we are bound to explore internally as well as socially. Freedom is ours, if we embrace or deny it, nothing makes freedom any less real or important. In freedom only do we reconcile and empower ourselves to engage with the changes of our day.

Only free people grant power, and agree to compromises.

Only free people can participate in free discussions, free markets and in free society.

Only free people can dream and manifest what is needed to match our present challenges.

Here we'll wander through death and rebirth, leaving from a binary perspective to arrive at a sense of ourselves as quantum androgynous. Here are female and male, grassroots icons and old cornerstones, all in the mix, in this period of transition, of shift. Back and forth we balance and weave, between the individual and the group, between the virtual and the real in a Trans-reality. We'll criss cross time and symbols, sounds and tribes to arrive in the now.

The more we engage with honest experience, not ideology, the more we see that the thing to be feared is not a single concept, group or viewpoint. The thing to fear is not even fear, but anyone who identifies with fear, and asks you to do the same.

You are an information treasure.

You are the original consciousness technology.

You are the gold.

You are the art.

You are the shell.

Your complexity is more than proteins, acids or patents.

You are physics and stardust.

You are an original, bleeding computer, and (You + I/E) = (WE are Entangled).

This reality is a space, a place in time where integration, not exclusion is key to our advancement. It is here, well past the age of steam age innovations and factory ideals, that we see ourselves as creators, scripts, as active, inter-connected and autonomous components of an emerging,global system. Technology is not our friend or our enemy, technology is what we make it to be. We can pretend that something will save us from our human condition, but we are the saviors, and we are the simple heroes. Technology is how we extend our dreams. If we dream nightmares, that is what technology delivers.

Our approach to this change where the mechanized gives way to the encoded is important because it guides how we approach ourselves, our dignity, our planet.In a post everything world, there is no time for waxing poetic on a lost utopia, no room for nostalgia. Our tasks on this techno frontier include identifying the worth of both wisdom and knowledge.

To continue our society we will need to be nimble in weaving together formerly opposing interests, and purposeful in resurrecting beauty from the trash piles of millennia. Profound change is underway and it can not be stopped, only shaped.

Abandon your easy hates, and your quiet prejudices. Drop the candy coated magazine.Leave the points on the screen. Forget the up thumb. Join me for a little while on the edge of this new frontier. The trip will be short, the terrain will be bumpy. When the end is reached you'll be right where you were, witness to a great conclusion, player in an epic wave of beginnings.

Change is our constant, the rule of this game.

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