Chapter 2

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Since I had the day off I decided to go workout with my brother. Although we were always close, recently we hadn't had a lot of time to spend with each other like we normally would because we both had hectic schedules.

"What happened to your arm?" He asked while spotting me doing squats

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"What happened to your arm?" He asked while spotting me doing squats.

"Some guy was being a complete jackass to me last night and thought that he could help me forget about Marcus after I told him I didn't want to twice. I'm fine though, Elijah came to help."

"Really, I'll have to thank him for that."

"How's wedding planning going?"

"I thought dad was kidding when he said just nod your head and say yes to everything but he was right. I swear if she has me look at another floral arrangement I'm going to scream. As the groom my mind is only on what will happen after the reception and during the honeymoon."

"You have to write your vows."

"You're right, but still this is a lot of stress for one day."

"It's not just one day, it's your wedding day the day your going to tell your children and grandchildren. Look at the bright side you've got six more months before you don't have to hear anything else about a wedding."

"I know but all I want is for us to be husband and wife, I was fine with us just going to the court house to get it all over with. I'm only doing the wedding to make Leana happy. And I wouldn't feel right denying her something she's been dreaming of all of her life."

"That's so sweet, look at my big brother getting all sentimental and shit. I'm happy for you bro."

"Thanks sis, so you wanna talk about what happened between you and Marcus."

"Leana didn't tell you?"

"She gave bits and pieces but said to talk to you if I wanted to know all the details."

"If you must know, he told me he had been cheating on me for the past six months."

"So when you were pregnant he was still cheating on you?"

"Yes. He said I was being distant with him and didn't think I wanted him anymore. But who wouldn't want time to themselves after what happened. That was a lot to deal with, hell I'm still dealing with it and it hurts knowing he didn't care. Like was I that much of a bitch that he needed to find comfort in someone else."

"Don't you dare cry over that ass, it's not your fault. He's a jackass for not wanting to come to you about his problems. None of what happened is your fault, so don't think that way."

"I know it's not, but I can't help but think that it is." One thing I loved about my brother was that he always knew when I needed a hug. His hugs were the second best to my dad and neither could compare to the hugs my mom gave. We finished our workout before we had to go and get ready for the brunch that Leanna planned for the entire bridal party.

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