Chapter 1 - The Choosing

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"Wake up Luna!" Jace calls from downstairs. " That's weird " I say out loud not understand why I've been woken up so early when all of a sudden, it clicks. Today is the day that will determine my future. The day of the choosing. Every year, a few dragon riders go out to test all 16 year olds for any source of magic. A lucky few are chosen to be dragon riders. A few really lucky kids will become both a rider and a magic user. If the stone chooses you, you will be wisked away to a school to enhance any skills you may have. Within minutes I am up and dressed. I almost run down the stairs, beaming with excitement. I turn a corner going into the kitchen when I slam into someone. I look up to find my older brother Jace. Jace is 18 along with Tera, my sister, they are twins. Jace laughs at me knowing full well why I'm so excited. " Big day today Luna " he says," you need to be in the town square by 8 so you better hurry." I check the time and realize that I have 20 minutes left. I hurry up and grab a quick breakfast making little conversation with my mom who has been up for hours. I finish up my breakfast and was about to head for the door when mom stops me. She looks at me with deep drown eyes. " Good luck today " she says, " smile dear, it's an exciting day." Smiling I hugged her, said my goodbyes and that I'll see her soon and off I went.

A little while later I was standing in town square with about 20 other 16 year olds buzzing about how they were going to get chosen. I catch site of my long time friend Jessa Bruner. She smiles and runs up to me when she sees me. "Luna you're right after me in the choosing " she says. I realized she is right being as how my full name is Luna Compton. I smile at my friend who has short red hair with green eyes where's I have long blonde hair and blue eyes. " Honestly Jessa, I'm nervous " I say with full honesty, "what if I'm not chosen?" Jessa just laughs at me and was about to say something when we are interrupted by the loud speaker. " It's time! " she whispers.

" Let the choosing begin! " shouted our mayor. Suddenly a loud screech fills the air. My eyes immediately looked up to see a beautiful red dragon desending from the sky. Within minutes it has landed and a man jumps off of it's back. He had brown hair shaved at the sides and spiked at the top. He walked up to the microphone and shouted loudly, "Good morning one and all. My name is Lance and today, you will all come up and place you're palm on the stone to determine your fate. If the stone turns blue, you are a magic weilder. If it turns red, you are a Dragon rider. And if it turns purple, you are both a dragon rider and a magic user. Any of you chosen will come up and stand beside me and will be taken to a school to enhance your skills. All others will stay here. Now with that said, let the choosing begin! " one by one people go up and place their palm on the cool slick stone, 2 have turned blue and 1 has turned red. All to soon it is Jessas turn to go up. She looks at me with a smile and slowly walks up and placed her hand on the stone. For a minute nothing happens, then a light purple starts to omit from the stone. Lance smiles at her and she gets in line with the rest of the chosen. Then my name is called. Shaking I walk up to the platform where the stone is. Slowly placing my Palm on the stone, almost instantly a bright purple light beams from the stone. The crowd cheered from the sight of it as I just stare in awe. I hear Jessa squeal with excitement as Lance comes up beside me. "You have a very bright future ahead of you miss Compton" he says as I walk to my place beside Jessa. The rest of the choosing is a blur. We end up with 4 magic weilders, 3 possible dragon riders as well as me Jessa and a boy named Drew who all had the stone glow purple. Lance tells us to go say goodbye to our family and pack whatever we can't live without but to not worry about cloths, they will be provided at the school along with all basic needs. " Meet back here in 10 minutes " he tells us as he walks off. Jessa looks at me with a mixture of sadness and excitement. " See you in 10," she says. I smile and start the walk home.

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Hi everyone! This is my very first story I have written and I hope you like it. This is a little opening to the book which is why it's a short chapter. I'd love to hear from yall and get yalls opinions! More chapters to come! By the way, the girl up top is Luna herself!!!

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