Chapter 3 - The Dragon

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" Beautiful," I thought. I have never seen a rainbow colored egg before. I picked it up carefully and hurried out the door. As I walked out of the nursery, Chance looked at me in awe. " Luna, your egg is beautiful, " he said, " Go along with Jessa to find a nest, she will show you the way. "

As I walked over to Jessa I noticed that her egg was slightly larger then mine. It was a black egg with red designs all over it. " Wow Jessa your egg is amazing, I can't wait for them to hatch. " As soon as I uttered the words, the egg in my hands started to vibrate. Jessa told me to hurry up and my pick a nest, " Your egg will hatch soon," she said. I ran over to one I had been eyeing ever since I walked into the nesting area which wasn't long ago. I placed my egg down in the nest and watched in amazement. I turned back to look at Jessa only to discover that she has gone back to her nest already. Turning my attention back to my newly hatching egg, I noticed cracks start to form all over it. Slowly the vibrating stopped and then CRACK! Standing before me was a beautiful multicolored baby dragon. " Storm " a faint whisper said in my mind. " Storm, " I whispered with with a smile. Soon I heard cracking and names all around me.

Chance soon came in telling us to say goodbye to our dragons for now. That they needed to rest seeing as how they all just hatched. I turned back to look at Storm to discover her sleeping peacefully in her nest. Getting up quietly I backed out of the room. I quickly found my way to Chance and the others. Whispers of names could be heard all around.

" Now, you all will be taken to the great hall where you ate lunch. There you will be picked by your new mentor. Your mentor is there to help and guide you with everything. Weather that be combat, magic or riding your newly hatched dragons. Your mentors will be year 3 students. You will get paired up with someone with similar magical abilities that you have. Now if you all will follow me, " Chance said aloud. As I started walking I noticed someone staring at me. I looked to my left to find a boy. He was walking with the group of us. Suddenly the girl in from of him stopped, making him run into her. He fell hard with a loud thud. Giggling I walked up to him. " Hey are you ok? " I said, " Why were you staring at me? " " I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare, " he stated, " I honestly don't know what came over me. " " It's alright, " I said with a smile, " my name is Luna." I helped him up and realized that the group had started moving again. Luke and I quickly caught up and in no time, we are in the great hall.

We all piled in the large building. Before us, a row of young students stood in a line infront of us, Mrs. Eva standing on a stool directly behind them. " Students, " she boomed. " These young men and women will be your new mentors. You all have already been assigned a mentor. Each one of the mentors will let you know who you are assigned to by using their powers in some way. Now mentors, begin. " As soon as she uttered those words, the mentors went off. Some creating names with different elements, some telling their student with their mind abilities. Suddenly I felt myself being pulled. I started to walk until I stood in from of a boy. He was no more then 17 and very handsome. Dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and and a muscular build.
" My name is Asher and I will be your new mentor. I assume that you are Luna? " he said. " Wow, well hi to you to, " I said. Who does he think he is being rude like that? " Ok so you're my mentor, now what, " said I folding my hands across my chest. " Follow me, " was all he said as he turned and walked off. I jogged behind him to keep up. We walked for what seemed like hours until we got to what seemed like a gym. " Hurry up and pick a weapon of your choice. I want to see what you know, " he exclaimed. I walked over to the array of weapons mounted on a wall. My brother trains with weapons and has taught me alot. My favorite would be the bow but I decided to grab a sword. Seeing my choice Asher drew his own sword. I walked up to him and got into the stance I was so familiar with. " Begin! " he shouted and charged and me. Twisting out of the way, I kick his feet out from under him. He falls but is up instantly. " He's more experienced but I'm lighter and have speed on my side " I thought. Both swords raised he stairs me down. I realize then just how tall he is. He towers over my semi small frame with his large muscular one. Swinging again our swords clash. I feel like j could hold my own until he twists his wrist in a way, knocking the sword out of my hand. " Not bad, needs work but not bad at all " he praises me.

" Now, let's see about your magic. I have been told you have the ability to shape shift, and the elements of wind and fire. Is that correct? " said Asher. " Yes sir you in fact heard correct, but I don't know how to use them, " I admitted. " That's alright Luna most first years dont. Let's try shape shifting. Try imagining yourself as a bird flying in the air. " he encouraged. Doing as he says I try it. At first nothing happens. Then I'm flying. I realized thst I had in fact been able to shift into a bird. Although I'm not sure which bird, but a bird none the less. Smiling, he himself turned into a gorgeous falcon. He motioned for me to fly after him and with that, we were off.


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