Chapter 2 - The School

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I took the long way home so I could clear my head. Was I really just told that I'm a magic user and a dragon rider? " This is insane, " I thought out loud. I've always wanted to be a dragon rider but am I really ready for it? A few more minutes passed and I was soon at my door step. For some reason I was nervous to tell my family of my latest news. I turned the doorknob slowly opening the door. As I walk in, I see my brother and sister sitting down on the couch. They both smile when they see me. I'm about to say hi to them when Tera yells at mom letting her know that I was home. She instantly puts down whatever she was doing in the kitchen and comes over to hug me. " What happened dear what did they say? Are you a magic user? A dragon rider? " All the while the twins were arguing on the couch if I was a rider or a magic user. Laughing I said " Calm down everyone. The stone glowed a bright purple, I am a rider and a magic user. My power will be determined at the school along with my dragon. I only have 10 minutes to pack anything I see fit. " For once in their life Jace and Tera were both speechless. Mom gave me a sad smile, " You're just like your father Luna. I always knew you were destined for great things. Hurry up am go get packed hun. "

With that I smiled and ran up the stairs and straight to my room. I grabbed an old picture of my dad and a few family photos, my favorite blanket I've had for years, and a few other small things and shoved them into a small backpack. Walking out of my room I looked back at it for a moment then slowly shut the door. I walked back down the stairs to see my whole family waiting for me by the door. I hugged both Jace and Tera. Each telling me to be good and that they will miss me. As I turned to see my mom she held out something wrapped in paper. I took it and opened it. Inside was a dagger. " I know you will get new weapons at school, but always keep this with you. It once belonged to your father and I know he would want you to have it, " she said with tears in her eyes. " Thank you mom, I'll always keep it with me, " I said honestly and hugged her, close to tears myself. " Go, " she said, " Or you'll be late. " I smiled and walked out the door looking back and waving. Once I couldn't see them any more, I kept walking.

Soon I was upon the town square again. I quickly found Jessa and walked to her. "Hey how did it go? " I asked knowing how close Jessa was to her family. "It went as good as expected, they are all happy for me and you Luna. I am sad about leaving everyone but excited to see what's to come. " she said. I smiled in agreement, " I'm excited to see what kind of powers we have, or to see what type of dragon we will get. I have heard that the dragons choose you inside of their egg and will only hatch soon after you touch them. " Jessa was about to say something when we were interrupted by Lance. " Now that you are all here, we have 5 Dragons here including my dragon Ember to ride on. Two of you plus the rider on each. Once we get to the school the magic weilders will break off and go to determine their powers with the other new magic users. The Possible Dragon riders will go to he nursery to see if an egg has chosen them. If one chose you, then you will stay and learn the ways of the rider. If one doesn't then you will be sent back home. As for the you three. " he said looking at me Jessa and Drew. " All three of you had a purple light, therfore you are guaranteed a dragon egg. First though you will determine what kind of magic you possess, weather that be an element, shape shifting, healing, mind reading or so forth. Most of you will only get one power some will get two. After your powers are decided you will then go to the nursery to find your eggs. They will explain what to do next when you have found them. Now everyone split off in pairs and go to a dragon. " I then turned around to notice that four other dragons had joined us along with their riders. Two of the dragons were green, one was purple and the other was orange. Me and Jessa decided to hitch a ride with Lance and his red dragon Ember. As we got close to them I too Ember in for the first time. She was twice the size of a bus and about as tall as 3 busses stacked together. She has beautiful smooth red scales and soft green eyes. I knew instantly that she wouldn't hurt us. Lance caught me staring and said " Me and Ember have been together for years. You form an unbreakable bond with them. An eternal friendship. One you'll understand soon enough, " and with that he lifted me up on the saddle right behind Jessa. Lance quickly got on and we were up in the air in no time. The wind felt nice on my face, blowing my already messy blonde hair everywhere. The view was incredible, being able to see every village we passed.

We got to the school about 2 hours later. The school was gigantic castle. I can tell that it's segregated into 3 parts for the riders, the magic users, and those who are lucky enough to have both abilities. There is a huge flat surface on the top of the castle which is where the dragons and riders take off. We slowly make our decent and land softly on the ground in front of two huge wooden doors.

Lance helps me and Jessa down and we are separated into 1 one of the 3 categories with other kids who were chosen from other villages. Everyone gets to where they need to be when a women who I'm guessing is the head mistress starts to talk. " Hello everyone and congratulations. My name is Head Mistress Eva. You all can call me Mrs. Eva. I'm sure that the rider you have come here with today has explained what will happen and how it works so now I turn you over to your group leaders. The magic users will be lead by Daniel, a 3rd year magic student. The Possible Dragon riders will be lead by Jacob, a 3rd year rider. Everyone else will have Chance, a 3rd year dragon and magic user. So without any further delay turn your attention to your new leaders." Everyone in my group turn to look at Chance who was a good looking guy around the age of 18. "Hi everyone, my name is Chance like Mrs. Eve said. First things first is to discover what powers you have. If you will follow me we will go to the deciding room and the room will tell you your power or powers. " He turned on his heal and walked straight inside the big wooden doors. I shrugged at Jessa who was now looking at me and we followed close behind Chance.

After a short 5 minute walk we all stood infront of a small steal door. One at a time Chance called names to determine everyone's powers. Within a few minutes it was my turn to go in. I looked at chance with a worried expression, nervous as to what my powers will be. Chance gave me a reassuring smile and with that I stepped inside.
It was a fairly small room with black walls. Once the door was shut I was surrounded in darkness. After a minute if nothing I hear hear a whisper in my mind. " You have the ability to shape shift, fire and wind. " I was shocked, not alot of people have 3 powers. I stepped out of the room quickly so the next person could go in. I walked to Jessa who told me she had the powers healing. " What do you have Luna, you seem a bit shaken. " " Well I have shape shifting, fire and wind Jessa. I have 3 powers, " I told her. Her smile got wider, " That's awesome girl be happy, not many people get powers let alone three! " I smiled, she always knew how to make me smile.

After everyone had gone through and gotten there powers Chance spoke up. " Now that you have gotten your powers you will get your room assignments as well as roommates. After you settle in and grad some lunch, I will take you to the nursery to discover you new dragon eggs. Room assignments are posted on the door to your right." We all rush over to the door to see who we are roomed with. I instantly fined my name paired up with a girl named Gabriella in room 205. With some help from Chance I find my room. It is huge with a bed on each side. I see that it has a vat room and 2 giant closets. I jump on my bed already exhausted from today when when I hear a door open. I look up to discover a girl. She had tan skin, black hair and dark brown eyes. I smile, " you must be Gabriella, hi im Luna, " I say getting off my bed to go till her. She brightens up " Hi I'm gabby it's nice to meet you." She tells me that she has mind control and water as her powers. I tell her what mine are and she looks at me in amazement, " That's amazing that you have 3 powers," she exclaims. We talk for a little while longer then head down for lunch. I introduce Jessa to Gabby and she introduces me to Julie. We eat a small lunch, really excited about choosing our eggs. Soon we are met by chance again. He leads us to are a small room with a door that is labeled nursery. He then says " This is where you will discover your egg. You will all go in one at a time and walk around. You will know the egg is your vrcause it will call to you. Once you find it, pick it up and bring it back out here for further instruction. " Again one by one we are all called in to find our egg. When it's finally my turn, j walk throw the door to find hundreds of eggs. I slowly make my way throw the room until I feel a pulling sensation to my left. The pulling leads me to a door I quickly open to find a multicolored egg. I knew instantly that it was mine.


Hey yall! I know the first chapter was rushed but I really wanted to get the book out there. Anyway here is another update for you. I hope you like it! Oh and that's Jessa up at the top!

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