Personal note: This is just how I think stories should start, or what gets me into reading stories. Remember this is your hook, so you have to make sure it's compelling and interesting enough for people to want to read! 

Also, thank you to the User: Crazy_Writer19 for the idea.

Let's begin!

1) An interesting quote relating to the story/chapter gets me going, I like this because it could sum up the entire written work without giving too much and comes off really smart to me. Kind of like Criminal Minds but not.

2) A narrative of the main character. This may come off confusing 'Hey I did do this' but let me explain further, ever watch 'Tangled'? The movie starts off with Flynn Ryder's narrative, something like that I love, they do it a lot in Manga and Anime as well and it's just 'Ohhh I wonder what happened, I have to watch/read further.'

3)  A well-written dream sequence, I know I'm contradicting myself entirely here but let me explain. The messy dream sequences are were there's too much going on, it's all jambled together and you're not even made aware it is a dream at all or that the person even woke up and you just sit there 'wtf'. But a well-written is just like an opening to your story, much like the quote it lets you see what's going to happen, or a metaphor of what might happen and you're just compelled to carry on and go ahead and see what the deal with the dream was. Just my perspective on that.

4) Conversations! As long as they aren't completely random and maybe have something (or you know a lot) to do with the plot/character feelings/etc at hand, that'd be cool. But then again don't feel pressured to do this, a lot of wattpad books have this theme and it's still pretty interesting.

5) A thought narrative from the main character (if your story is First POV) I don't know how exactly to explain this because in my opinion it's pretty self explanitory. But here's an example if you don't follow: ' I used to believe in fairytales and knights, dragons and princesses. I thought it was all real and that one day my very own fairytale would happen, and I would be a long lost princess, but I was wrong. Fairytales don't exist, and real life sucks.'

(Can you tell I bullshit my way through that one.)

6) I like hallucinations, if it's a supernatural/mystery/horror story, I really like hallucinations, maybe about themselves, maybe about blood, man I don't know but hallucination (if they're executed properly) are pretty good.

7) A very well-written, well-thought, amazingly interesting one liner sentence from the main character's POV that just makes you go 'What the hell just happened?'. I dig that.

8) A memory, once again this would have to be executed properly in order for it to work, but if it has something to do with the character's/plot's past, or it's genuinely linked somehow to the story, then sure I think it's a brilliant thing.

9) I don't know why, this one if just me, but a description of the setting where the character is at that current moment. I really like that, especially when the details are just mind-blowning, but not too much.  I really like that.

10) And finally, an argument. Why an argument you may ask? But in  my opinion, an argument is very interesting on it's own anyway. I mean come on, who doesn't want to know more when you see two people shouting bloody murder at each other? It's kind of funny and just makes you go 'woah what's going on?' and I think that could work as a story starter. 


P.S: I've read most of the comments up until recently and I just want to say a couple of things okay? This 'min-series' literally started one day when I was bored and younger, so don't take it too seriously, it's just a bunch of random things put together for fun. Don't get all anal on me and ect, I didn't mean to offend anyone so you shouldn't feel too offended.

I seriously don't read the stories posted in the comments. So yeah just letting you know that guys. :)

Also, if you have an idea you'd like to see in this series please leave me an inbox with said idea and I'll make it happen, or try to.

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