::Matt Shadows:: Unholy confessions..

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Tiff's one shot

Matt grinned ducking under the edge of ice cream shop roof pulling me with him. He'd been my boyfriend for a year now and honestly I loved every second of it. The only time we spent together was after school.. When I was supposed to be getting piano lessons. Luckily he knew enough to teach me. "I love you Tess." he whispered kissing me. I laughed gently pulling him to me.

"I love you too Matt." I said hugging him around his huge shoulders. He kissed my head as I leaned into his chest. Looking at us now you'd never guess he hated me..

(Flashback 13 months before)

I sighed tossing my books into my bag. A new school.. New kids to meet.. No friends. Moving around yearly for my mother was something I hated. I pushed away from my locker and stumbled forward as a giant bumped into me. "I'm.. sorry.." I turned to look at a pair of glaring blue eyes.

I bit my lip as tears filled my eyes. "Watch were your walking stick chick." he laughed pushing passed me with his friends. A super tall one, a really hot one, and a dark haired punk one. Now I know their names.. Jimmy, Brian, and Zacky. They were in a garage band named Avenged Sevenfold, and they practically ran half the school.

Stick chick was my nickname for the rest of the year because my lack of breast when most girls wore bras. My mom chopped my hair off thinking it made me look 'chic' I really looked like a boy. The fact that my teeth were covered in braces.. Well that was just the icing on the cake.

"Hey stick chick where's the fire?" Matt said from behind me as I practically ran from last period to the school's exit doors. We had a two week spring break and I wanted to be as far from this hell as possible.

For spring break I could stay with my aunt and finally be free of the bullies of my high school, the biggest one was Matt. "I'm going home." I stated glaring at the floor because I couldn't glare at him.

"Already? What about the party tonight?" he asked sarcastically. I sighed with a shrug. He knew I wouldn't go.. One more year of this and I'd be free.

"Stick chic!" Jimmy ran at me grinning. He never called me that seriously he was just teasing me but he was Matt's best friend so he had to at least try. Most of the time he'd stay behind his friends and apologize. Once he actually walked me to class and told me some day I'd be a knock out and I'd have to beat the boys away.

I smiled to him then looked back at the floor. If Brian and Zacky, who were close behind him saw him being nice they'd give him shit. "Aw listen to Jimmy being nice to the KID." Brian said emphasizing the word kid.

My cheeks were on fire as Matt touched my back accidentally. He was mean but he was so cute that I couldn't help but like him.. A little. He didn't even realize how he made me feel.. "No way Brian." Zacky said laughing anyways. "Jimmy do you like stick chick?" they snickered as he shook his head.

I gave him a small smile pushing through the doors and leaving them behind. Tears were filling my eyes as I climbed into my mom's car. She said something but it was blurred out as I thought of what I'd done so wrong in a past life that made me have this one. If I was prettier had big boobs and perfect teeth I could have been Matt's girlfriend.. I wiped away my tears shaking the thought away.

I had spring break to look forward too, I'd get to visit my aunt and my braces would finally come off so I could eat candy again.


I looked in the mirror one last time as my aunt grinned from behind me. "See you've just been hiding your beauty." she said matter of factly.

I nodded.. I never would have thought she was right but damn.. I actually felt pretty for once. My hair had grown a little during the school year and she helped me dye it black with bright blue streaks. The last two weeks I spent mowing, racking, and babysitting to get enough money for a new wardrobe as well.

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