::Synyster Gates:: You Don't Care About Me But You'll Fight For Me?

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So this story just came to me after receiving a comment from xSyNlOvErx so.. yeah..



I smiled at Matt as he came off stage hugging me quickly. “Awesome show guys, now let’s go see the fans.” I said pointing to the merch table.  Fans were already making a messy line.

“You’re the best Vicki.” Zacky said hugging me too. Jimmy ran off stage slipping on a large cable, I laughed as he jumped up quickly. Johnny was wiping his face on a towel as they got ready to greet their fans, he put his arm around my shoulder smiling at me.

Syn walked to us and I looked away quickly.. I was over it.. the way he hung all over the groupies.. never once thinking of how I’d feel.  To be fair he didn’t actually know how I felt.. I shook it off walking to the stand.

“You guys are the f*cking best!” A random fan yelled getting a shirt signed. Matt thanked her grinning at me. I knew on some distant level that he liked me but he was just a friend to me..  I smiled turning back to the fans as they bought things from me then in a line went to the guys for signatures.

The next fan refused a purchase instead getting her back signed. Syn grinned at her as she bent in front of him. I gritted my teeth looking away. “Can I buy a cd?” A young girl asked smiling shyly at me.. I nodded handing her a cd only charging her half the cost. I tossed the extra cash in from my pocket.. she smiled at me as she left. “Thank you.” I sometimes did that just to make myself feel a little better.

I smiled as a guy with a shaved head and arms full of tattoos, walked up grinning smugly at me. “Well these guys really know how to pick hot chicks to sell their shit.” 

I froze..was he insulting the band or complementing me.. I went for insulting. “Listen you shit head Avenged Sevenfold doesn’t need ‘hot chicks’ to sell their merchandise.  So shut the hell up.” Okay maybe I was a little harsh because my feelings were still hurt but I didn’t care.

“Listen b*tch.” He looked pissed but I didn’t heed the warning cutting him off quickly.

“I’m no b*tch, you need to leave.” I said crossing my arms. He grabbed my arm pulling it roughly. I gasped startled by his strength.. I pushed to far.


Syn’s POV

I leaned down signing the back of some random girl, hoping to get some kind of reaction out of Vicki. She wasn’t even looking at me. I clenched my teeth finishing the signature and going back to my chair. “You rock!” Someone said to Matt.

“Thanks man.” Matt said laughing.

My eyes wandered to Vicki again.. as this guy grabbed her arm.. My anger flooded and before I knew it I was punching his again and again. Vicki was pulling on my arm, yelling, “Stop! Syn! Your hurting your hand! Please!”..  so I dropped him to the ground and he ran out the door covering his bloody nose. I Looked down at Vicki trying to calm down as the pain started throbbing in my hand I rubbed it looking her over carefully.

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