::Johnny Christ:: I'm Everything You Need Me To Be

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Johnny’s POV

I wiped the sweat from my face after setting my bass on the stand as Matt and Syn laughed at something Jimmy was saying. Another awesome show and now the guys all got to go back to the bus to their girlfriends and I was alone. Zacky grabbed a beer walking out the door grinning at me.

I sat down opening a beer... then I saw her.. She wore a dark hood that covered most of her face but even from here I knew she was beautiful.. she was getting her laminate signed by Jacoby Shaddix while laughing.. Her laugh was amazing.. I couldn't stop my feet from taking me to her.  "Hey.. your Johnny Christ right?" I nodded as she grinned excitedly.. she knew my name .. that was a good thing. 

Jacoby walked away grinning at other fans. "Want me to sign that for you?" She was happy to hand it to me. I signed it thinking I had to get to know this girl. "So what's your name?"

"Um.. you can call me Jay." She now looked nervous. I turned behind me to see a guy taller than me.. well who wasn't I thought miserably.. he was glaring at me. He must be her boyfriend..

"Jade you have to get home now." He said grabbing her arm tightly. I felt rage rush over me as she pushed at his hand. I clenched my fists at my sides..

"Don't call me that Luke. I don't have to be home for an hour." She said glaring at him.. 

"Shut up and get in the f*cking  truck.Your my little sister you have to listen to me!" He said pulling her arm. I was on his ass in a second shoving him back.. well at least he let her go. She hugged me tightly then we ran out the door. Her brother was chasing us as we ran onto the bus and the guys all looked curiously at us as Luke pounded on the door. 

"What the hell is going on?" Zacky asked looking Jay over. I shook my head wondering why that had happen.. It was so fast.. I didn’t even know if she wanted to come with me..

I held her to me. "Her brother is out there." I pointed to the door.. he was going to bust it off the hinges..

"Dude is she a minor? You could get in a lot of trouble." Matt said worriedly. 

“I’m old enough.” She said peeking out from the protection of my shoulder. 

I grinned at Matt as he nodded. "What happened?" he asked hugging his girlfriend. 

“I wanted to meet some of the bands and Johnny signed my laminate .. And my brother Luke..” She was tearing up so I hugged her tightly. I didn’t like seeing her cry.. How could that bast*rd hurt her..

“He tried to make her leave and she didn’t want to. He was being an ass.” I said shrugging. I didn’t realize her hand was in mine until she squeezed it tightly when the pounding got louder like her was kicking the door. 

“Then you can stay with us until you want to go home.” Syn said smiling. The guys nodded and I sighed in relief.. 

She wiped her eyes nodding. “Thank you.” Jay got her laminate signed by the guys, then everyone was hanging out in front so I lead Jay to the bunks so we could talk. 


Jay’s POV

I wasn’t one to cry but for some reason seeing my brother so mad and Johnny being so sweet made tears fill my eyes.  I smiled as Johnny handed me a beer. “Thank you.” 

“Your welcome. So are you hungry?” He asked cleaning off a bunk for me to sit on. I wanted to laugh when he tossed a pair of boxers on the floor kicking them under the bunk. 

I had to admit I was starving. “Sure.” I watched as Johnny left and came back with a arm full of snacks.. a bag of chips, cookies, and I’m pretty sure he had a can of squirt cheese. I laughed as he let it fall on the bunk next to me. 

I squirted cheese on the chips popping them into my mouth as Johnny told me stories about his first year in the band and how they still picked on him. I laughed as he grabbed a cookie. "Sounds like fun." I said smiling. He leaned closer looking at me intently. Sometime during our talk my brother had given up.. only after this.. when I went home.. I knew my parents would kill me. 

"What's wrong?" He asked looking worriedly at me. I told him about my fears after I went home and he nodded. "Then don't go home.. stay with me." I felt butterflies fill my stomach as he kissed me.. On the mouth..

"Okay." I said lamely.. was this really happening.. was Johnny Christ really kissing me.. did he really want me to stay with ... HIM?.. Should I?..


I opened my eyes and looked at Johnny.. Last night had been.. Wonderful.. Today.. In the harsh morning light I had to realize Johnny probably said everything to get what he wanted..  I rolled away from him not wanting to cry.. I tossed on my clothes making sure the others were still sleeping I slipped out of the door. I wanted a clean break.. If he didn’t have to tell me to go.. I could still have the memory of his loving last night.. Without the taint of regret..

I gasped covering my face as my brother’s fist nearly knocked me to the ground. “Luke. Please.” I whispered as pain filled my side when he shoved me to the ground. 

“I knew you were just a wh*re.” He spat kicking at me. I whimpered backing away from him. “Now I have to tell mom and dad about YOU...” He said it like a dirty word.. I didn’t want to go home.. I didn’t want this.. I pushed to my feet stumbling a little.

“Luke.. I’m.. sorry.. Please..” I summoned my strength and kicked him where It hurt the most and ran away from him. I screamed as he was gaining on me. I cried out as he tackled me to the ground.. My breath coming in quick gasps. My lip was bleeding.. I tasted the metallic blood as I licked them. 

“You’re a liar too.” He said pulling my arms behind me. “Do you know I’ve been waiting all night for you to come out? I have to punish you.” I tightly closed my eyes as he pulled me to my feet.

“Let her go!” Johnny caught me as Jimmy pulled my brother back, Luke struggled, trying to grab Jimmy’s throat. Matt and Syn pulled them apart as they threw punches. I sighed in relief when my brother fell to the ground.. Johnny’s arms were tightly wrapped around me.. He did ask why I wasn’t inside.. Maybe he didn’t care…

Zacky checked my brother.. “He’s alright but we better call your parents.” I nodded and handed him my phone..


Johnny held me tightly as I explained what happened to my father, my mother glared at me holding my brothers head in her lap. He was fine.. But he did lie about what had happened.. “You can’t stay at our home anymore.” My mother said venomously. 

I nodded feeling so much better.. “That’s fine because she’s staying with me.” Johnny kissed my cheek then grinned at my father who looked worried. 

“I don’t know about this..” he said looking at me with confusion. “Is this what you want?” 

“Yes.. I’m sorry but..” I broke off not sure if I should tell them I loved Johnny..

“She loves me!” Johnny said smugly tightening his arms around my waist. “And I love her.. And I swear I’ll take care of her.” My heart raced as I knew Johnny was telling the truth..

My father still loved me and promised to get me if I ever needed him to, but my brother and mother wouldn’t even look at me as they left.. But strangely I didn’t care. 


In the weeks after ..everything went so fast.. Johnny bought me new clothes to replace mine as they took me along on the tour.. The other girls were great and I felt like a part of the family.. Johnny tucked me into his arms as we snuggled on his bunk after hours of driving.. Tonight was the last night of their tour and then they’d be taking us home. “You’ll love our house.” Johnny said kissing my cheek. “It’ll just be the two of us.” 

I laughed softly. “That sounds perfect.” He kissed me laughing happily. We kind of lost ourselves.. 

“Keep it down, some of us need rest you love birds” Jimmy said sticking his head into our bunk. I laughed as he covered his eyes. “Put clothes on!” 

“No!” Johnny said laughing.. I laughed too, feeling happy and content as Johnny began kissing me.. I could live like this.. Forever..

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