::Synyster Gates:: Give Me Your Hand And I Will Help You Hold On

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This was written after my sister Tracey told me about an awesome song..yeah I got inspired.. it's on the right :) So yeah.. enjoy..


I didn't want to cry.. not again.. not for this. I pushed out the door sucking in deep breaths trying to stop the aching in my chest. My cheek stung were my fathers hand had hit.. hard.. I thought for once I was free.. but it was only a lie.. I needed to see him.. my best friend..now..

I ran to my brothers car flinging the door open quickly letting the metal hit my dad's truck. I didn't give a shit what he would do.. not anymore. I should never have went home.. I was crazy to think they would change.. I started it and the metal music blared from the speaks.. I quickly turned it down as my father burst out the front door looking at me with hatred. 

"Get the f*ck back here you little wh*re!" My father screamed his boots pounded against the pavement as he ran after me..

I felt the hot tears trail down my cheeks as I sped out of the driveway and down the road.. there was only one thing I needed.. one person I needed to see.. one last time.. I should have stayed at Sara's house.. why had I tried to go home..


Zacky's POV 

I opened the door at the loud pounding. Elise was looking at me with hurt in her red puffy eyes. She had been crying.. "What happened?" I asked wrapping my arms around her.

"I.. I don't want to talk about it.. I just came to say goodbye." She said against my chest.

My stomach hit my feet at her watery voice.. "Where are you going?" I knew deep down what she meant but I needed her to say the words so I could help her... 

"Somewhere better.." I squeezed her tighter pulling her into the door shutting it behind us. 

"Elise this isn't the way.." I said kissing her hair as I rubbed circles on her back. She put her hands against my chest. I could feel my heart beating quickly..

"You don't understand... I can't do it anymore.. I can't pretend everything fine.. I can't!" Her words hurt me.. I knew her family.. not well... but I knew what they did to her when she was little and what they try to do still.. 

They hurt her in more ways than I could count..they were mentally, physically, and verbally abusive.. "I know better than anyone.. I've seen them hurt you and I should have stopped it years ago." I felt guilty for letting this go on for so long..

"Stop it.. you can't blame yourself." She looked at me pleading.

"Really?" I pulled her arms from my chest and removed the two inch thick bracelets covering the scars marring her wrists. "Then why did I let you go back there after this?" I asked furious with myself. They were thin white lines now.. but that night in the hospital after they found her passed out in a bathroom stall in a gas station, they had been bloody gashes.. 

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