::Matt Shadows:: I'll Never Be The Same Without You

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I had this idea from a dream so if it doesn't seem real.. well ..blame my subconscious mind.. and also if it seems rushed.. well sorry.. it's my first one shot so I hope you enjoy it!


I bit into my cherry filled pastry while walking to the door in my moon and stars pajamas. My brown hair floated around my shoulders in messy waves. I yawned turning the lock and opening the door. I gasped when I saw him standing on my door step.. Matt Shadows.. of Avenged Sevenfold! My favorite band in the world and he was.. here! "Hello I'm-"

"Matt Shadows.." I said excitedly then I remembered what I was wearing.. my night clothes.. oh god.. I wanted to die right there..I smoothed my hair around my shoulders nervously. 

"Yeah." He said grinning. "Can I come in? I'm having some car trouble." He said pointing to the road. "What's your name?"

"Yes." I said smiling.. Was he alone?.. I closed the door shaking a little as he made his way into my living room. Matt was in my house... "Kristy."

"I knew I shouldn't have drove by myself." He said shaking his head. "Do you think any auto shops are open this early, Kristy?" He asked as I motioned for him to sit down. 

"It's a holiday.. they won't be open till Monday.. but your welcome to use my phone to call your friends.." I said feeling sad that he would leave.. 

"And tell them I couldn't drive on my own..no way." He said grinning. "Can I just stay here for the weekend?" My heart was racing.. was he serious.. was this a dream..

"Yeah.. there's a fold down bed in the couch.. I'll sleep there and you can sleep in my room." I said looking down at the sexiest man alive. 

"I'll sleep on the couch." He said patting it beside him..

I nodded biting my lip. "I'll go get you some bedding." I said locking the door and walking into my room where I had them stored. In my small one bedroom house there wasn't much space but I made due. I grabbed my green quilt I had received as a Christmas present from my mother that year and a pillow from the stack. 

Matt was stretched across the couch watching tv as I made my way into the living room. He sat up quickly when he saw me. "Sorry." 

"Your fine." I said shaking my head.. had I just told Matt Shadows he was.. fine.. while he sat on my old fold out couch?..

He grinned at me giving me the shivers.. wow.. he was adorable when he grinned like that. "Thanks." He said as I handed him the bedding. I blushed as his hand brushed mine..

"Can I get you anything else?" I asked twisting my fingers behind my back. He was making me shy and nervous.. 

"I don't want to bother you." He said tossing the pillow down and smoothing the wrinkle out of it. 

"I don't mind.. really.. anything." Why did I have to keep talking.. I should run to my room hide under the covers and wait until the morning when I would wake up from this dream.. 

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