The Good Bad Date

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Two hours before the date, Kana began wishing she'd never said yes. She had no idea what she was doing. Another dress. Another check in the mirror. Another rejection. It was going nowhere.

Her roommate was out of town, and Kana really didn't want to bother anyone else for help. She dropped onto her bed and laid back. The ceiling held no answers.

There was a knock on the door, and Kana sat up. "Come in," she said. The door opened and Lucie bounced in.

"Kana! I need your help. Say yes," she said. Lucie stopped short when she took in the chaos of the room. "Well, this is unusual. Was there a tornado in here?"

Kana groaned and fell forward onto her bed face first. "I'm getting ready for a date," she mumbled into the sheets. She felt Lucie hop onto the bed.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you," Lucie said. She poked Kana in the ribs. Kana sighed and rolled over.

"I'm getting ready for a date," she said.

Lucie grinned. "I know. I heard you the first time." She looked around the room again. "So, this is what happens when you have to go on a date, huh?"

"What did you need me for?" Kana asked.

"Changing the subject? Smooth," Lucie said. "You can help me out after you get back. This is much more important right now."

"I can always call and cancel—" Kana said.

Lucie held up a hand. "In your dreams, Kana. In your dreams." She stood and dragged Kana off the bed.

"It's impossible," Kana said. "The bus leaves in an hour."

"You'd have more time to get ready if you drove my car," Lucie said. Kana stared at her. "Yeah, yeah. I know. You hate driving."

The two of them rummaged through Kana's discarded outfits, and Lucie put together something that actually looked decent. After that, it was time to work on Kana's hair.

They tried to clip it up. The clip slid off. They tried to tie a bun. It unraveled. Lucie moaned.

"I guess I'll just have to leave it out," Kana said. She didn't mind. It felt more natural to her.

"Then, there's just makeup left," Lucie said. Kana shook her head.

"No thanks," she said.


"Nope," Kana said. Eyeliner made her tear up. And her skin was already sensitive enough. Besides, her date was used to seeing her without makeup. That was how she usually went to her classes.

"Well, my work is done," Lucie said. "You look awesome!" She hugged Kana. Kana smiled.

"Thanks, Luce," she said. Despite her initial misgivings, Kana was starting to get excited about the date. The smile wouldn't leave her face.

"Kana, your face is creeping me out," Lucie said. Kana laughed and threw a pillow at her.

"See you later, Luce," Kana said.



Kana stood by the pond in the park. She was early, and Leo wasn't here yet. The water in the pond rippled as a slight breeze blew across the surface. It was mid-afternoon, and the park was filled with people.

Her eyes went to the shore around the pond. There were artificial stones mixed with the natural ones. A glint of gold caught her eye. A necklace? She'd deposit it at the park's lost and found after her date.

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