Michael the father

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“Yeah of course man, I meant when did you get in?” David backtracked.

“Well as soon as you told me I hopped on the first plane here. I told you I was on my way.” Michael smiled at David in a confused sort of way and I stared.

Why had David not told me he had made contact with Michael? I was confused, but when I looked at David for answers he looked just as flabbergasted.

“Told you what exactly?” David asked.

“That Charlie was pregnant? Remember you sent me that email last week with the big heading READ NOW in all caps. You said she was having problems and that I needed to come back now. Dave, I emailed you right back remember, saying I was on the first plane out, gave you my flight info?” Michael was rolling his hands trying to help David remember.

“I did?”

“Dave, seriously this is not a time to play stupid. You even sent your girlfriend to pick me up, that Alina girl.” Michael pointed at the doorway where Alicia stood leaning seductively.

“The name is Alicia actually.” She slithered away from the doorframe and inserted herself in the middle of all of us. “And David didn’t send you the email, I did.”

Alicia’s words took the wind out of me and I dropped into Phillips chair with a big thud.

“But how?” David asked Alicia.

“You left your email open on your screen a while ago, I saw Michael’s email address and figured he wouldn’t return unless he knew the true nature of Charlotte’s status.” She gave me an evil grin and I felt a cold streak run through me. “It was time he knew anyways.”

David stared at Alicia as if seeing her clearly for the first time.

“Who gave you the right to butt in Alicia?” I could feel different levels of anger run through me at once.

 “I was only trying to help you Charlotte.” She said to me as sweet as a bee sting. She then turned to David and put her hand lovingly on his face. “She really needs to have the baby’s true father around.”

David winced at Alicia’s words and his head dropped in shame.

“Well that was nice of you, you have a winner in that one David!” Michael put his hand up for a high five from David but he didn’t even acknowledge him. Michael looked towards everyone else in the room for a response before finally lowering his hand.

“David.” I called out to him, knowing he wouldn’t look up.

“I better go.” David’s eyes never left the ground as he turned towards the door. Michael grabbed him by the arm and drug him back in the now cramped office.

“Dave, You can’t go now. We have to celebrate. I’m going to be a Dad!” Michael walked over to where I was sitting and placed a hand on my stomach. I felt the baby kick.

“Did you feel that? Did you feel that Charlie? Our baby knows it’s his dad. He knows it’s me!” Michael threw his arms in the air and hooted at the top of his lungs. I watched David’s face crush into misery as he quietly made his way back towards the door.

Alicia clapped from her corner spot and encouraged Michael. “Oh you are absolutely right, a baby knows who his true parents are.” She smiled at David, verbally kicking him all the way to the door.

“I’m gonna go. I’ll see you later Michael. Charlie, I…” He stopped and choked on his words but only Alicia and I noticed. Michael had his head on my belly and was singing an off key lullaby to my son.

“I’ll go with you David.” David pulled away as Alicia attempted to wrap her arms through his.

“No.” He shook his head.

“Then I’ll come over later…”
“NO!” David’s eyes blazed and Alicia shrunk away.

“Don’t be so grumpy with Allison Dave. Look, I’ll call you later so we can go have a congratulatory beer.”  Michael gave David a quick wave just as we heard another commotion coming from the outside the office. It sounded like a struggle and before we could make out what the yeller was saying, Jolene was standing in the doorway.

“YOU!” Red hair blazing as angry as her eyes she pointed at Michael like she was going to stab him with her finger.

“Hi Jolene.” Michael smiled and walked over to Jolene with arms extended for a hug. “It’s great to see you, I heard you have been taking care of my Charlie.”

Jolene smiled and extended her arms out for Michael, flicking her hands for him to come closer. Just as he leaned in to hug her she leaned back with her right hand and swung back, hard, knocking Michael out cold. His body crumpled on the floor as we all stared in shock.

“Yeah I’ve been taking care of Charlie you KNOB! I’ve bloody well had to considering what bloody bastard you are!” Jolene screamed down at Michael’s laid out body.

Jolene straightened herself back up and smoothed out her hair. She gave me a wink before turning to Alicia, whose eyes were still transfixed on Michael’s face as a purple shadow began to form around his eye.

“I heard purple eyes shadow looks good on gits like you.” Jolene smiled wickedly before prancing out the door. She turned one last time in the doorway and waived “See you at home Charlie. Do leave that mess on the floor for the cleaners.”  She walked away laughing and taking imaginary swings at the air.

I looked over at Alicia who had watched Jolene leave with new terror in her eyes. She turned to me but did not say a word; she just huffed and slithered out of the doorway.

I visually searched for David but in all the commotion he had quietly slipped out of the room.

I looked down at Michael, and sighed.

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