Welcome Andrew Boyd

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Chapter twenty four: Welcome Andrew Boyd  



"Charlotte sweetie."  

"Go away, I'm tired."  

I could feel a warm hand on my head; I opened one eye to find my mother standing next to me, brushing the hair slowly from my face.  

I felt pain resonate through my entire lower half as the sensation began to return to my body. "What happened? I feel like I was hit by a Mac truck!" 

My mother laughed. "It's going to feel that way for a couple of day's sweetie. You just gave birth to a very healthy, very heavy baby." 

"Did I? Is it over?" I asked groggily.  

"Yes honey, you did great." My mother squeezed my hand gently.  

I shot up suddenly and frantically looked around the room. "Where is he?" 

"Right here." Michael walked in holding a lumpy blue blanket. His face had a large abrasion on the left side but he made no mention of it as he walked over and slowly laid the bundle in my lap.  

"Is this him?" I asked as I took a whiff of the intoxicating new smell. 

"Yup Charlie, this is our baby boy." Michael beamed as he looked down at the baby in my arms.  

I followed his gaze and pulled back the blanket, uncovering the yawning little human. I warily touched the tiny wrinkly face, easing as I noted how soft the skin was. My hand trailed up through the soft brown hair; feeling each individual silky strand. The baby's lips scrunched into a small pout as he balled his little fist up at me. I inserted my pinky finger into his small hand and felt the strength that had grown inside of me these nine months.  

I glanced back up and watched in awe at Michael's pure adoration for his son, it was as if his eyes could not look away. I looked back down at the soft wrinkly bundle in my arms and understood instantly what he was feeling. In that moment I felt my heart swell with a kind of love I had never felt before; as if my life started over at that moment.  

"Do you have any idea what you want to name him?" Michael asked, his eyes filled with pride.  

"I don't really know, do you have any preferences?" I asked.  

"I was kind of hoping you would let me name him after my grandfather, I mean if that's okay?"  

I pondered this as I considered the hope on Michael's face. My heart understood before I knew I was going to say it.  

"Of course Michael." 

"Andrew." Michael whispered lovingly to a now sleeping bundle "Andrew King. Hi Andrew my son."  

"Andrew Boyd." I corrected Michael.  

"We don't have to make a decision right now." He answered under his breath.  

"Andrew? Hm... Andy." My mother rolled it around like she was tasting the words. "I like it." 

The baby hiccupped and suddenly his eyes shot open. I gasped as a pair of stormy grey eyes focused on me, blinking slightly as they tried to adjust.  

"He has your eyes Michael." I stated in adoration.  

"Yeah, he does." Michael said dreamily. He reached down and caressed the baby's arm in a way that convinced me he was comfortable with his new status as a father. 

"Is Jolene Junior in here?" Jolene came running into the room as my mother sat down in the corner.  

"Jolene Junior?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.  

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