It's been nice

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This chapter is dedicated to blackswan101 and lucky07

becuase some times a few kind words are all that's needed to make you better


Chapter twelve: It’s been nice

            “You’re David’s what?” The words fell out of my mouth, as I was pretty sure my jaw was somewhere around my ankles.

            “I’m here at David’s request Charlotte, I am his date.” Alicia spoke slowly, emphasizing the last word with a click of her tongue.

            “Alicia came down to meet me for lunch Charlie.” David gave me a quick smile and resumed eating his waffles, blissfully unaware of the tension at the table.

            Alicia casually wrapped her arm around David and eyed me with the same smug look she had given me in Phillip’s office.  I sneered back at her.

            “And how did you end up here Charlotte?” I could sense the words she really wanted to say.

            “I saw Charlotte’s at her doctors and invited her to come.” David answered for me as I moved the food around my plate.

            “Oh?” Alicia’s dark eyes looked me up and down and I was painfully aware of how unkempt I must have looked.

            She was stunning in a red fitted dress while the pregnancy had made me gain enough weight to outgrow my normal clothes; it was not enough to justify wearing maternity clothes. I watched as she took in my oversize jeans and cotton shirt combo with disdain. Even my hair lacked attention, as the only thing I could muster lately was a messy bun on top of my head and away from my mouth.

            “Good thing she came to, she was starving! Charlie was inhaling those chicken and waffles.” David let out a boisterous laugh as Alicia eyed my half empty plate. I blushed with embarrassment.

            “What were you guys talking about when I arrived?” Alicia returned her focus to David and began twirling his hair in between her fingers.

            “Charlie was telling me about work.” David said in between bites.

            “Oh?” Alicia perked up a bit, “What about work? Is something wrong Charlotte?” She asked me with such fake concern I almost forgot whom I was talking to, almost.

            “That’s right! I forgot that you guys work together. Well that’s great, tell us what’s wrong Charlie and I bet Alicia here could help you out!” David, ever helpful, foolish David. I struggled to figure out a way to avoid the continuation of this conversation.

            “How exactly did you guys start dating?” Alicia raised one perfected eyebrow at me at the change of conversation but David just continued eating.

            “Well David called the office a while ago looking for you, but I had to tell him you were out.”

            “And where was I?” and why didn’t you tell me he called I thought to myself.

            “Well Charlotte.” She emphasized my name just enough for me to catch the irritation. “You were at one of your doctor’s appointments and I did not feel it was right to share your private information.”

            “Oh.” Damn her

            “Anyways, Davy was so concerned,” seriously, Davy? “I invited him to come down to the magazine, telling him he could wait at our desk for you till you returned.” Alicia took her water from our waitress and shooed her away. “I was telling David how we all care for you and worry for your emotional well being during this difficult time.”

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