Chapter 5 Finally Here

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Grabbing Mabel's hand I sighed.

"Was that so hard Dipper?"

"No. No it wasn't."

"Now let's go explore!"

Mabel picked up the backpacks, threw the one with the pine tree at me, ran and jumped off the table.

"Mable!" I jogged to the edge of the table and peered over the edge. She looked up at me and waved.

"Come on bro, bro! The fall if fun! It's like your-"

"Falling to your death!"

"Dipper. Jump. Now."

"Mable. No."

"Pine tree you should really listen to your sister. She knows what she's talking about."

I spun around to see Bill still in his human form staring down at me.

"We don't have all day pine tree! Let's get a move on!" He shoved my backpack in my hands then pushed me of the edge of the table. "Safe travels!" Then I passed out.

"Dipper?" I felt my face get poked. "Dipper please don't be dead," My face was poked again.

"Mable?" I sat up, my vision blurry and the smell of smoke in my nose.

"Dipper! Oh thank God you're alright!"

Mabel tackled me in a hug. Noticing the birds chirping I looked around the best I could.

"Mabel what happened?"

"After Bill came?"


"Umm. Well......"

"Mabel tell me."

"He pushed you off the table. You landed safely! So don't freak out about broken bones and stuff. Anyway, you passed out so I dragged you out the door and we wound up in this meadow."

If Mabel was lying I couldn't tell but her eyes were red and puffy. From crying maybe?

"Mabel have you looked inside the backpacks yet?" I asked changing the obviously touchy subject.


"Well let's solve one mystery that's on our plates," I said with a grin. I pulled my backpack toward me and opened it. Mabel did the same.

"What do you have in your backpack?" Mabel asked suddenly.

"An extra suit thing, the envelope Bill gave me when we were in the diner, journal 3, an empty journal, and a... manual?"

"Same except mine has the 'Eat Me' cakes, a crown, a set of pens and stuff, the skeleton key and a ball gown. " Mabel pulled a short dress made of white silk and lacy pink fabric.

"Why a ball gown and a crown?"

"I don't know. Maybe we'll get to go to a ball!" Mabel flopped on her back and sighed.

The bushes to our left started to shake and I heard twigs snap.

"Dipper what was that?!" Mabel had snapped out of her fantasy of going to a ball and scooted closer to me.


"Pig?" I heard Mabel whisper.


Then something came crashing through the bushes with an army at it's flank.

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