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Chapter 6

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A small pink blur ran in to the meadow, tackling Mabel.

"Waddles! Dipper it's Waddles!"

After Waddles came crashing in so did an army of playing cards and a girl looking no more than six years old. When the playing cards saw us one of them picked up the little girl by the back of her collar. The one of the playing cards came up and bowed.

"Your Madness. I am extremely sorry that we have disrupted you and your..." The guard looked up at me and looked away quickly after seeing my face. "Associate."

"Um...... No problem?" Said Mabel with a questioning tone.

"Since there isn't a problem we shall take our leave. Good day Miss Madness.

And they where gone. The little girl looking terrified as they left.

"What was that all about?" I asked Mabel.

" I don't know. But look! Waddles is back with us again!" Mabel picked up her pig and spun in a circle, smiling all the way.

"That's amazing Mabel. Now let's look in the envelope Bill gave us." Pulling the envelope out of my backpack I handed it to Mabel, who at that point put down Waddles.

She ripped it open with out a second thought and pulled out every thing that was in the envelope.

"Looks like we have passports and some information packets." She said.

"Why passports?"

"I don't know. Maybe we get to travel around the world!"

"That would be interesting since we know nothing of this place. Speaking of which..."

I looked up at the sky that was darkening to a deep purple. Night was falling upon us and we had nowhere to go.

"Mabel we need to find a place to stay. Mabel?" I looked behind me to see my sister walking down a path that wasn't there before.

"Come on Dipper! It says on the sign this is the way to the Mad Hatter's home!" Mabel said, turning around.

"Mabel the Mad Hatter is crazy, and I personally have had enough crazy for one day."

"Fine I'll go by myself." Mabel turned on her heel and skipped down the path, Waddles on her heels.

"Stupid Bill and stupid Wonderland and STUPID MABEL!" I yelled to the sky. Grabbing my backpack and the stuff that was in the envelope I ran after Mabel in to the woods.

Little did I know my sister and I had a bounty on our heads and the queen was watching our every move.

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