Chapter 1

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~ Ryder's P.O.V. ~

Walk into school. Roll my eyes. See a couple making out on the lockers. Roll my eyes. Have a cocky football player wink and send a flirtatious smile. Roll my eyes. This is basically a daily routine that I've been going through since Freshman year. It's now my first day of Senior year.  

There are excited girls catching up with their friends, laughing about how their summer went like they didn't just see each other a week ago.

I walked to my first class of the day, English. I sat in the back and opened to the back of my notebook, drawing patterns and designs. The bell rang which finally caused me to look up and see who else is in this class. A few nerds, a few jocks, of course some bimbo barbies.

And last but certainly least, the mysterious, cocky, motorcycle riding assholes. Not all of them are assholes of course just the main dickhead. Grayson Jones. He's sexy. He's mysterious. He's every girl's dream. Except me. He's more like a nightmare.

I usually don't like to judge people with out knowing their past or the shit they went through but Grayson Jones. Oh how I hate Grayson Jones. My problem with him is he thinks he's superior to everyone. He thinks everyone should kiss his ass and that he is above everyone else. He thinks he has the right to bully, mock and ridicule people. Asshole.

His dark eyes caught mine and he gave his signature smirk. I rolled my eyes and focused back on drawing.

I zoned out in class until I heard the bell ring. I headed to my next class which was Art. Finally.

No I'm not some shy girl who feels like she can only express her emotions through her artwork. I just like to draw. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a tattoo artist. So as soon as I turned 16, I forged my dad's signature and got my first tattoo. It's not like he gave a shit anyway.

Our first assignment is to pick any person, place or thing and draw it. We had a few weeks to do the project so I figured I'd just take a nap this class and figure out something later.


Lunch. The first day of lunch is by far the worst day of school no matter if you're a freshman or a senior. Having to try to find your friends through the swarm of people then decide on a table. I choose a table near the back like usual. It had pen and scratch marks in it, not to mention the whole table was basically covered in graffiti.

I pulled out my sandwich and started eating scanning the lunch room of the people who surrounded me. I went to reach for my water without looking and accidentally knocked the whole thing over.

"Shit" I mumbled to myself trying to quickly clean it up. The water now filled my lunch tray which also made my sandwich all wet and soggy. "Great" I rolled my eyes. I guess I'm not eating today.

I stood up and went to throw my lunch out. Just as I looked up in search for a garbage can, I collided with someone sending my lunch flying all over the person in front of me. I looked up into his eyes and mentally slapped myself. Of course it was him.

~ Grayson's P.O.V. ~

That little bitch. I bent my head down to look at the my now soaked leather jacket then back into the eyes of the short asshole.

"You fucking bitch!" I yelled causing everyone to snap their attention to the scene in the middle of the cafeteria. Her eyebrows shot up and she looked behind her like she thought I was talking to someone else

"Who the fuck do you think you're talking too?" She asked which actually surprised me considering no one talks back to me.

"I think I'm talk to a blind bitch, who obviously can't look where the fuck she's going" I snapped back at her.

"Holy shit clam down. It's a leather jacket and water. It literally just has to dry. So calm your fucking dick and move" she said trying to get out of my way. I looked at her like she was crazy then stepped in front of her, and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Do you know who you're talking to?" I asked in a venomous tone staring straight into her eyes.

"An asshole who loves his beloved leather jacket and can't get his head out his ass" she smirked still looking up at me. That's when I took in her height. She was about a head shorter than me yet still held her head high with a look of determination and aggression in her eyes.

"Well?" She asked, "am I right Mr. Hardass?" She said with a smirk.

"You have no fucking clue who you're messing with" I growled moving my face closer to hers to the point where we were only a few inches away. She rolled her eyes for what seemed like the 100th time in this conversation.

"If you keep rolling your eyes like that, they're gonna get stuck there" I said now smirking.

"If you keep putting your dick in girls, its gonna get stuck there" she said making my smirk instantly disappear. How the hell does she have a comeback after every fucking thing I say?

"Now, excuse me cause I have better things to do than argue with you over a pointless jacket" she said pushing me to the side so she can get through "Oh and nice shoulders by the way" she squeezes my shoulder and smiled as she walked out of the cafeteria leaving me standing there speechless.


Okay so first chapter is up 😁
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