Chapter eighteen

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I had completely forgotten about the note Matt had given me before I left. I glanced down at my hand, clenched in a fist, I opened my hand slowly. The note was neatly folded into a small little square.

My eyes opened wide as I started to panic about what Matt possibly could've wanted to say on a note.

I unfolded it slowly, worrying about what it said.

I closed my eyes and unfolded the last crease. 

I opened my eyes once again and looked down. I read the note -

"I wanted you to have my number so we could hang out, you're a lovely person and I hope to see you again soon babe x" with his number pinned onto the end.

'Oh my god' I thought to myself. 'He actually gave me his number, when he said he wanted to hang out I didn't think he would actually mean it, I mean, He's good looking and i'm just me, but oh my god that just happened'

'Wait' I thought again. 'He called me babe'. My stomach fluttered and my heart jumped inside my chest. What was happening?!

I found my phone and added his number in. When should I text him, I don't want to seem annoying but he doesn't have my number.. This is all on me.

A couple of hours passed and I still hadn't text Matt. It was now around 8pm and this had to have been the best Saturday ever. 

I had just got out of the shower. I was led on my bed in my dressing gown with my hair tied up in a wet messy bun.

'I think I should text him now' I thought to myself as I reached for my phone on the bed side table.

-New message- To: Matt

"Hey, it's Olivia, from Hayes' party? You told me to text you"

I tapped send, I didn't even know if he wanted me to text him, this could've been a massive joke. Oh my god, what if he was playing with me? That would be so embarrassing.

I put my phone back on the bedside table and switched on the TV.

Just over an hour had passed and still no reply. This really did have to be a massive joke, I was heart broken - I thought Matt seemed like such a nice guy - 

My thoughts were cut off, my phone buzzed, vibrating against the wood of the table.

I jumped in shock and excitement. 'I hope it's Matt'. I sat up and reached out for my phone and grabbed it pulling it towards myself.


I sighed, it was Sophie that had text me and not Matt at all. I frowned, quite disappointed.

"Hey Liv, I just wanted you to be the first to know but me and Hayes are officially together :)"

I smiled. Although I was upset that it wasn't in fact Matt that had texted me, I was so pleased for Sophie, they finally got together and she will be so happy.

I replied - "omg Soph, That's great. I'm so happy for you!!"

I put my phone down back on my bedside table.

2 minutes later my phone buzzed again. 'Oh it'll just be Sophie' I thought to myself as I clenched my phone into my hand.

I looked down at the screen.. It was from Matt.

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