Instagram; hg by awrites-
Instagram; hgby yours truly
@hayesgrier unfollowed @ellebieber @Ellebieber posted a pic with the caption "backstabbers" @Hayesgrier posted a pic with the caption "You're stupid to t...
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Sugar-Coated by Oof_Hayes
Sugar-Coatedby Oof_Hayes
"I'm over Hayes, I swear."
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Social media; Jg by awrites-
Social media; Jgby yours truly
In which a boy and girl fall in love over social media . "I never thought I was going to be able to fall in love again ." "Me too ." Picture credit...
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Pregnant With My Brothers Baby (Hayes Grier) *completed* by Matts__Wifey__
Pregnant With My Brothers Baby (Ha...by 11/21/2015
©️December 3, 2014
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hayes grier imagines :)  by hayesxgrier0
hayes grier imagines :) by hayes grier
I take requests! send me some!
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hayes grier imagines by yohayes
hayes grier imaginesby tor
[ starting soon ]
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His Sister (Book 2) by InternallyInvisible
His Sister (Book 2)by InternallyInvisible
Read Book 1 first. Everything's changing. Cameron's no longer home. Everything. Is. Falling. Apart.
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We Can Make It Work // hayes grier by ogocfanfic
We Can Make It Work // hayes grierby Multi Fandom
Forced to meet, forced to be friends, but not forced to fall in love.
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Instagram 2; h.g by awrites-
Instagram 2; h.gby yours truly
Part two of instagram; hg Elle Grier Bieber & Hayes Grier live their lives as parents New child ? What would the future of their kids look like ? Read to find out !
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Heavenly Neighbors H.G. by hayesandgrier
Heavenly Neighbors H.G.by rachel
"you guys are quite heavenly neighbors" started: december 12, 2016 completed: january 29, 2017
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Sex slave || H.g by cerelii
Sex slave || H.gby cerelii
Harley is a 17 year old girl with a lot of secrets, to her luck she gets kidnapped and is now a gift to one of the most famous Drug lords, she becomes his sex slave. (W...
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Hayes Griers baby by Grier_imagines
Hayes Griers babyby Imagine more
15 year old Hailey (requested) gets pregnant half way through freshman year, her and her boyfriend Hayes Grier face many struggles through the pregnancy and raising a ch...
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Boys Like You ✔️ Hayes Grier~ Sequel to "Baby Clifford" by justforskye
Boys Like You ✔️ Hayes Grier~ Sequ...by Skye
Momma said there'd be boys like you, but does love really conquer all? -- SEQUEL TO "BABY CLIFFORD" Started on March 30, 2018 Completed on August 29, 2018 ⚠️ W...
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unexpected by magconbubbles
unexpectedby magconbubbles
a story in which a girl is forced to live with cameron dallas for the summer
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bored || h.g by celestialluh
bored || h.gby celestialluh
what happens when two teenagers get bored?
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a wrong number. hayes grier  by hayesboo_
a wrong number. hayes grier by lyssa
it all started when alyssa got a text message from a number she never saw before....
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Hayes. by SpeciesllUnspecified
Hayes.by ItsJustMe
Directing Hayes Griers show can't be that hard, right? ~~ ~~ Ariana Lockheart faces many challenges when she is invited to direct Hayes Griers show, Top Grier. Will she...
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Unknown number  by hayesgrierr1
Unknown number by Hayes Grier
unknown: hey crystal it's the guy from chipotle. me :hah she gave you the wrong number.
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Fuckboy~ H.G by FckmeupGrier
Fuckboy~ H.Gby FckmeupGrier
He was just a fuck boy and I was just a normal girl who lived life in the moment. I fell for him but he didn't fall for me...or so I thought. @2016, Hope Cagle
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Forgotten Grier by babygirl-kitty17
Forgotten Grierby Grace
Being the sister of 3 successful brothers is never easy, especially when one of them is your twin. From oldest to youngest our family goes Will, Nash, and Hayes/me. Will...
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