Chapter fourteen

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I woke up excited. Today was the night of Hayes' party.

I got up, showered and got dressed for school.

I wore a simple pair of jeans with a plain tank top and vans.

I headed straight out the door and waved to my mum on the way out with a smile. She could tell I was excited.

I walked down the street to school and Hayes was stood by the diner with Nash and his friends again.

I found myself to be walking faster. That mysterious guy was there again.

As I caught up to Hayes and nash i smiled at Nash's friends but none of them seemed to even notice I was there. The mysterious guy smiled back at me with a sparkle in his eyes.

Oh my. He had such a perfect smile. He was so cute.

"well, ill see you guys tonight at the party then". nash said as he walked off towards his school with his friends.

"Hey" hayes said as he hugged me.

I hugged back "Hey Hayes" I said as I hugged him back with a smile.

As we started walking to school there was a silence. All i could hear was the trees blowing in the soft wind as we walked towards school.

"I'm so excited for tonight Hayes" I chirped

"me too, I know its Nash's party but his friends are cool and you and Sophie are coming so it should be fun" He grinned at me.

I was so excited to be able to meet Nash properly and all of their friends. Especially that mystery guy.

We arrived at school and Sophie was sat on the bench waiting for us.

As we approached her she jumped off the bench and walked towards us.

"im so hyped for tonight guys, our outifts look so good, and i haven't seen Nashs friends in a while i guess it'll be good to catch up"

We walked into class and Hayes walked away to Foad and his classes.

"What are Hayes' friends like Sophie? I asked, curious about those guys.

What if that mysterious guy was just a guy with perfect looks but a nasty personality, a player or something like that.

"they're cool, i dont know them that much i've only seen them at Hayes' house we havent really spoke that much, why you ask?"

"just wondering" She didn't tell me anything I wanted to hear so I just kept quiet.

We arrived at class and everyone was sat down studying and catching up on work they'd missed.

As it came to the end of lesson, we'd all finished all our work so the teacher let us sit with out friends and talk.

I walked over to Sophie in the corner of the classroom. She glared up at me, with hope and excitment in her eyes.

She wanted Hayes to ask her out already, I could tell.

"He'll ask you out soon you know". I smiled down at her

She smiled back and her eyes twinkled.

"ok, guys you can go" The teacher exclaimed.

Everyone headed outside into the summer sun.

Hayes wasn't on the bench so I guess he was busy.

"He will ask you out Sophie, he really likes you I can tell". I said as i smiled at her

"I hope so, it will just be strange, we've been best friends for years" she looked disapointed.

"everything will work out, I promise"

She had a happy look on her face as the bell sounded for the last lessons of the day.

The two hours left of lessons went super fast. As the bell signaled for home time everyone filed out of the doors and then the gates at the front of the school.

I couldn't find Hayes to walk home with so I walked alone. I headed up past the park, past the church and then past the diner.

I got home and went upstairs to get ready for the party.

My phone buzzed and I had a text from Hayes.

"Be at mine for around 6pm, were ordering pizza for dinner, see you soon"

"Ok Hayes, see you soon" I replied.

It was already 4pm. I headed back downstairs to grab a snack.

I grabbed some food and a drink and went back upstairs to start getting ready.

It was already 4pm I had two hours to get ready and then get to Hayes' house.

I had a quick shower and blow dried my hair. I decided just to straighten it as thats how my hair looked best.

It was now 5pm and I had to get dressed and put on my makeup.

I slipped on my floaty skirt and my belly top and my turqouise heels.

I headed over to the mirror and added a little light makeup to my face. A little powder and foundation and a little mascara. I had never suited eye-liner so I never wore it.

I was happy with the way I looked tonight and it wasn't very often that happened, I was so self-concious most of the time but tonight I looked hot.

I went downstairs with my mum waiting for me at the bottom. She was staring up at me with tears in her eyes.

"You look so beautiful tonight, Olivia, you're going to have an amazing night" She smiled as we headed out to the car.

We got in the car and headed over to Hayes' house'.

Sophie was stood on the pavement outside waiting for me, she looked stunning in her new dress.

I walked into up the path to Hayes' house, Sophie by my side, and I rang the bell.

Someone opened the door. It was him. That Mystery guy.

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