Chapter four

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He had his hair grown long and it was just below his eyebrows, His eyes oh my his eyes were a diamond blue and they just shon in the sunlight. He was weaing a plain white tee and chino pants and vans.

"oh my god hes gorgeous" i say in my head.

"hey" he said

"hey" sophie said

"whos your friend soph?" he asked

"oh, erm this is olivia shes new here from england"

"im hayes, hayes grier nice to meet you"

"erm hi " i was being so awkward he was so hot i couldnt help it.

"well i gotta go get ready for my football match i just came over to say hi" he smirked at Sophie and then walked off with all his friends

"Are you guys dating?" i asked smirking at sophie.

"oh my no, but if im totally honest i do like him, like a lot" sophie said as she blushed

no wonder, i thought he was so dreamy but that wouldnt be fair, my first day here and i steal my new and only friends crush " aw thats so cute" i said "he seems so nice, you'd be cute together"

"d'ya really think so?" she perked up a bit

"yeah of course i do"

The school day had gone so fast today, time flew by.

I was walking home and i saw hayes on the road right infront of me. He looked so hot, he has just finished his game. I carred on walking past him like i didnt realise he was there or that is was him.

he shouted "Hey Olivia"

i waved and sort of mouthed the words "hi"

I walked home and got into the house and ran straight up to my bed room, i kicked off my converse and threw them into the wardrobe. I got changed into a baggy t shirt and sweatpants and logged onto my laptop. None of my friends from england had mailed me or anything and i didnt want to annoy them.

I logged onto my facebook and saw three friend requests, one was from a random guy which i deleted, the second was from sophie which i accpeted and the other one was from hayes "what" i whispered to myself "he added me wtf" i accepted the friend request and thought nothing of it.

I was just drifting off to sleep as we had school tomorrow and it was 1am. my phone buzzed. who would be texting me at this time. I looked and it was hayes.

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