Chapter seventeen

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'Did that really just happen?' I thought to myself as I realised I still had Matt's wrist within my grasp.

I let go anxiously and we headed back outside.

The rest of the day was spent outdoors, eating ice cream and lounging on the grass in the sun.

The day went pretty fast and my mum called to say she was on her way to pick me up.

"Sorry I have to go now my mum called, I'll see you soon?"

I stood up and hugged Sophie.

"Okay" she said as she sat back down, positioning herself back onto the grass.

"Thanks for inviting me Hayes, it was a good night" I said smiling at him

I headed for Matt. I wanted to say goodbye before I left.

I approached Matt, he was sitting on the loungers with Cameron and Nash which made me feel a lot more nervous talking to him as I knew they were his best friends.

"Hey Matt, I have to go home now my mum called" I said as I blushed.

He stood up from his chair, slightly towering over me.

"Okay, just hit me up sometime and we can hang out?" He said. He winked at me and handed me a small piece of paper. "Open that when you get home and do as it says"

He opened his arms and went in for a hug. It was good to be back in his arms, I felt so secure and safe, It was the best feeling in the world.

I didn't realise how long we had been there and my phone buzzed. It was my mum asking where I was.

"I really need to go now" I said letting go "My mums outside" I said blushing and smiling. 

"Olivia, promise you won't forget to do what the paper says?" he said, lightly grabbing my finger tips.

I blushed, looking down at his fingers linked to mine.

"I promise" I looked up at him and smiled. I turned around to walk away as our fingers slipped apart.

I headed out front to the car where my mum was waiting by the pavement to drive me home.

I climbed in the car as my mum gave me a weird look. "Did you have a good night? Why are you wearing the same clothes you went to the party in? Did you not bring any spare?"

I just looked at her and laughed whilst avoiding her questions she so desperately wanted answers to.

We set off home. It was quite sad that I had to leave everyone early as it was only around 2pm and I was having such a good time.

I spent so long in my thoughts about what happened at the party that when I finally woke up from my day dream we were home.

I stepped out of the car and headed for the house. I stepped inside and went straight to my bedroom, I didn't fancy my mum asking anymore questions that I didn't really have the answers to.

I got in my room and kicked off my shoes laying down on my bed and that's when I remembered.. The note.

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