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Pen Your Pride

[ok this is a new story i had an inspiration for today!  Its kinda rough but bare with me please, This is just a bit of it and i will be writing more soon! OH and also THIS IS A GAY ROMANCE LOVE story so if that bothers you please don't read! please comment and let me know if it is ok and if i should keep going with it! thanks May<3] [fixed some grammer and other stuffs]

Chapter One

            Training starts today.  It is a fast pace program for training the new recruits for duty.  The Torent Region Space Academy specializes in “the best of the best.”  It is said that only the top recruits are selected to train here.

          My name is Jaycen Falcon; I am the recruit with the highest scores for fighter pilot duty.  The thing is, I am gay, but the recruiters don't really seem to care like they used to.  They want the best and they don't seem to care about anything else.  Now that doesn't mean that no one else does, though I wish it.  Like this dick standing next to me for instance.  He is ranked second and made no attempt to hide that fact that a “fag” was able to beat him out of first.  Like my sexual orientation has anything to deal with how good I can fly and shoot.  Whatever.

            We are all standing at attention waiting for our training officer to give us orders.  I have a feeling that the next six months are going to suck, and not in a good way.  It is going to be tough; these guys do not expect anything less than 110% on anything.  Not that I am a slacker really it is just that even though I love flying and all, I still like my free time and not to have to be perfect 24/7.  But if I want to be given a spot on the ESDR, or Elite Space Defense Rangers, team then I need to stay the top ranked pilot.  And boy do I want that spot. 

              The Rangers have been my dream since I first started flying, and the reason I honed my skills to almost perfection.  I am not the best by any means, just the best out of all the recruits this season.  There is one every year. 

             “Alright, recruits!” The Standing Officer yelled.”It's time for your training to commence.  You all will have a great opportunity to be trained by none other than Logan Foxer.”

            There was a collective gasp and everyone started talking at once.

            “Logan Foxer! He's one of the best out there.” Someone to my right stated.

            “He IS the best out there!” Another replied.

            “Did you hear about the time he single handedly.......”

            “I heard he took out a whole branch of ….....”

            “SILENCE!” The officer's booming voice shut us all up at once. “Do not forget your place!  You are recruits and will follow the Academy rules or risk expulsion! Do not speak at attention unless spoken to! Do not leave attention unless given permission to! Got it!”

            “Sir, Yes, Sir!” We said as one.

             “Alright, now your training officer.”  The standing officer moves to open the doors allowing, who I assume is Logan Foxer, trough.

             Oh my! I had no idea what this guy looked like, no one really did. I had heard the stories just as everyone else, but damn! Office Foxer is standing at what looks like 6'3”, muscles, woah muscles.  They aren't all corded and gross but they are definitely there! 

           He has light brown hair and sexy gray eyes, which are surrounded by thick lashes.  My sister would be so jealous, haha.  This has got to be the sexiest man I have ever laid eyes on. 

            He strutted into the room; great with all of his fame he is going to be one cocky asshole.   That's just what I need, he is think his shit doesn’t stink and we are nothing but peasants meant to lick his boot heels.  That means none of us will make it onto the ESDR.  Well, wait, I can't just judge the guy right off.  I haven’t even been around him for five minutes. 

            The standing officer and our new training officer start at one end of the recruits and start to review us.  They are passing each one making comments to themselves and writing them down on a clip board.  They got to Grady Stevens, the dick I was mentioning earlier. 

            “Graden Stevens, ranked Number Two in the recruit standings.” The standing officer stated reviewing his clip board.

            “Hmm, nice build, good stance,” Great give the guy complements, that’s all he needs, a bigger ego to make him a bigger dick! “Appearance needs work though.” Officer Foxer stated, followed by an almost inaudible gasp and angered growl.  The officers must not have heard it because they quickly moved onto me.  Great here goes.

            “Jaycen Falcon, ranked Number One in the recruit standings.”

            Officer Foxer looked me up and down; I could feel the flush working its way up my neck. Oh no! Stop before someone sees.  Gosh this man is hotter up close! No! Wait, don't think that!

            “Seams a little jumpy,” He murmured.  “Appearance acceptable, kind of small.”   He reached out and squeezed my arm a little causing me to tingle all over.  “Toned enough though.”

            OMG! Calm down, it was just a little touch nothing to write home about. But after that I zoned out not paying much attention to the rest to the recruits reviews. 

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