Breakfast complex

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Hey I'm back again!! Ok first of all the comic above I found so cute!!! I'm sorry but I felt you guys should defiantly read it. Haha. I would to say again. The art is NOT mine. Any of photos (unless I say) is not mine. Thank you for reading my book so far! Here's the next chapter.

Nash's POV~

Today is finally the morning that our parents leave for their secret mission, whatever.

We stand in front of the train. We all hug each other, saying our goodbyes for moment. Then we have a moment with our parents.
"Be safe" I tell my parents, muffled by my mother's shoulder.
She gently runs her hand through my hair, calming me down slightly. Dad pats my shoulder.
Mom lets go of me so I can hug my father. She then reaches for Luna who almost jumped into mom's arms which came as a surprise for my mother. They nearly tumbled backwards onto the pavement. We all laughed at the mess up.
I jump slightly as I felt arms wrap around me. I had forgotten about my father. I smile sheepishly at him and he chuckles hugging me tightly.
"I love you dad!" I exclaimed, and suddenly starting to feel to urge to cry. I curse at myself inside my head for being a crybaby.
My dad rubbed my back probably figuring I'm crying. Again.
I look up at him with determination not to cry.

He laughed loudly. Maybe a little too loudly

"I love you too Nash." My dad told me with his trade mark smile. "We'll be back before you know it. I promise." He squeezed me once more, kissed my forehead and then released me from his
Death grip.

Luna and I waved as we watched mom dragged dad onto the train. I looked around the platform for the messy mat of red hair.
All the Fullbuster's are still saying their farewells and giving hugs, I want to give uncle Grey and auntie Juvia a hug but I decided not too because they deserve some privacy and family time.
Then my eyes finally found the messy, tall red headed boy. Reiki was just hugging auntie Erza.
I slowly made my way over to the Fernandez's.

"So this time. Don't blow up all of Fairy Tail." Uncle Jellal pleaded his son. I chuckled a little louder than I had meant to bring some attention to myself.
"Nash!" Auntie Erza exclaimed smiling softly.
She was like my second mother Don't get me wrong, so was Auntie Juvia but I feel she understands me more in some ways that others don't. I don't understand it either. She always would take care of me when my parents couldn't. The Fernandez's home always felt so welcoming and warm. Maybe it was because what Auntie Erza and Uncle Jellal went through when they were younger. It doesn't really matter.

She opened her arms and I walked into the embrace without hesitance.
"I know everyone is worried, and I know everyone says it's going to be alright. But I promise when I say this, I speak from all of the adults hearts, it will be alright." She told me. I smiled and buried my face into her shoulder. The urge to cry keeps getting harder and harder to resist.

"I'm worried about my mom." I confessed to her. "Make sure she comes home alright...? I'm sorry..I'm just...I don't know... Please protect my parents." I asked her. I know it was kind of selfish asking for such a request since she also needs to worry about herself and her husband.
She smiled warmly at me and nodded, "of course Nash. Lucy is my best friend. There's no way I would let her get hurt. However to be blunt, I can't promise because you know the danger." Her expression turned serious.
I nodded, "yes I do." I told her firmly. "Trying is enough for me."

She laughed and ruffled my hair.
"You're so grown up... Just like Reiki." She sighed and my cheek flushed.

I talked with uncle Jellal and we all finished saying goodbyes. We waved as they got onto the train.

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