My eyes scanned the small room. Brick walls, plastic chairs bolted to the floor along with the metal table. One hour had passed since I left Paisley. No one would tell me anything. Shakes of heads, sideway glances that’s all I received from the detectives who peeped in on me.

They said they were waiting for my father. I sigh. A head full of curly hair hit’s the table. I just wanted this nightmare to end. How could they think I had anything to do with the murder. Never could I do that. Especially not to a female. Couldn’t they see that? What motive would I have to kill any of them. I thought my relationship with Trudy was actually going somewhere.

Love wasn’t growing just yet between us but I did care about her. I hated hiding things from Paisley but…I just couldn’t tell her I was dating Trudy for the past four months. Each day that passed my mouth yearned to tell her the truth. How could I though? The words to tell her was just too hard to form.

The night Trudy had died, I had planned on telling Paisley. My love for her was the only thing that kept me from telling my kitten how serious things between Trudy and I were getting. Two and a half months ago, my relationship with Tru had gone to the next level. We had officially given our bodies to one another. Tears welled up in my eyes as the thoughts of what could have been were relieved. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her just yet.

For Paisley to find out about it the way she did was unacceptable. I couldn’t lie to her after being told by the detectives that surprising secret Trudy had been keeping from me. Even knowing that, Paisley still stood by me. That’s why I love her so much. Never again will I betray her trust or our love again. I’ll be honest with her from now on.

A loud click interrupts my thoughts. My head rises and I see the two detectives from before walk in with my father following behind. A stern man of fifty. He walks with the air of authority. The scowl was evident as he enters the room. Anger radiating from his body. His gray eyes stare through me. A quick glance as his hands run through the graying black hair. He walks over and takes the seat beside me.

The detectives sit across from us, hands crossed. They peer into my eyes. A sad attempt at intimidation. I grew up with the teachings of the man beside me. First rule I was taught, never show fear and I wouldn’t. I had nothing to worry about. I was innocent.

My back straightens. My eyes narrow as I watch the two men.

“What is this all about?” My father’s voice breaks the silence and ends the stare down between the detectives and myself. “Someone needs to start talking right now.” The two men look to each other before the one I remembered as detective Kain nods.

"We are truly sorry Judge Cross but we need to question your son about the recent body that was found. We have a reason to believe that he was…familiar with her,” he says.

“My son had nothing to do with any murder,” my father tells him. “I sat back and ignored it when you went to Zeke’s school and questioned him about the other two murders but enough is enough.” With each sentence my father’s voice thundered into the room.

“How about I introduce myself first,” Detective Kain said, interrupting my father’s growing tirade. “I’m detective Kain, lead detective on this case. This,” he points to the man beside him. “Is detective Stewart. We truly appreciate your cooperation.” His words were calming as he drawled on in his southern accent.

“You want my cooperation…my cooperation. Why the hell should I give you that. You bring my son down here, accuse him of killing some girl, and you want my cooperation,” my father shook his head in disbelief. “Now, unless you have some evidence, I’m taking my son and leaving.” There was the note of finality in his voice as he slammed his hand down on the table.

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