Chapter 2. Part 5.

"Push me.." Nichkhun dared, "You're not even worth my time," Himjae replied,

"Right i have to be hurt for you to make your move?" Nichkhun implied "Move your ass outta my way" Himjae demanded not many got under his skin like nichkhun could "Make me" Nichkhun quipped, "Give me a reason!" He snickered back "I've been wanting to kick your ass for a while now"

"What's been stopping you?" Nichkhun replied, "I'm not allowed to kick your ass on school grounds" Himjae winked although it still burned him knowing he couldn't intimidate the latter, It never stopped him from trying.

"You'll get what's coming to you.." He added making nichkhun frown "What was that about?" A teacher asked suspiciously "Oh.. Park-shi-nim it was.. nothing, i have to get to class" Nichkhun responded then bowed,

The man knew better he might've been far but could sense their body language, it wasn't nothing..

Nurse's office

Zhoumi felt sorry toward nichkhun the younger and now junho, who was just as concerned for him as he was for the actual injured student, He is glad someone stepped up for him but at the same time he wished junho hadn't.. he didn't anymore people involved in what he endured daily,

Before departing junho asked zhoumi once more if he was okay himself and as usual zhoumi lied, He's a nice kid but zhoumi doesn't want certain parts of his life to touch others, Henry's fine solely because he has no idea of what's been going on and zhoumi want's it that way..

As zhoumi came inside he heard nurse song from another area

Zhoumi could tell she seemed familiar with the younger by her first reaction seeing him,

He felt the need to inform her of the accident an injury before she could freak but could get out.

"He fainted ahh he needs help right away" Zhoumi stammered anxiously, "Lay him there" She spoke pointing to a gurney bed, "I have to grab something i'll be right back" Ms Song rushed.

Leaving zhoumi to sit with kyuhyun and like anyone would he couldn't help but glance over at his crush, who looked so vulnerable as if he were merely sleeping,

"So your name is kyuhyun..." He'd just heard the nurse say, "Please be okay kyuhyun.." Zhoumi whispered to him, "Mmh" Kyuhyun mumbled softly face scrunched as he started to come too,

"Oh" Zhoumi reacted in surprise when he slowly opened his eyes, "You're awake" Wondering if he'd heard him, "Where am i?" Kyuhyun questioned almost whispering, "It's the nurse's office" Zhoumi answered "Hyung brought me?" His questions continued "Yes.." Zhoumi responded trying to ignore how the latter was now staring at him,

"Th..thank you.." Kyuhyun replied way to slowly for zhoumi and the listless look on kyuhyun's face scared him "Nurse!!" Zhoumi frantically called making her rush over,

"How do you feel?" Nurse Song asked "Sleepy..." Kyuhyun replied, "How does your head feel?" And when he only blinked at her she took a deep breath taking zhoumi aside so he wouldn't hear,

"He can not fall asleep he's suffering from a concussion.." She emphasized "Will he be okay?" Zhoumi asked now overwhelmingly distressed, "I'm not licensed in the area so he'll be taken to the hospital for the proper checkup and may stay for observation, He will be okay then" 

"Umma.." Kyuhyun groaned causing them to turn around to go to him, 'Umma?" Zhoumi thought,
"Kyuhyun-shi you have to stay awake" She asked and he nodded eyes fluttering open

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