Zhoumi watched the ambulance pull away as henry and hyoyeon approahed him,

"Wasn't that kyuhyun?" Hyoyeon asked, "He'll be okay" Zhoumi told her, "I'm extremely confused what exactly happ.. hyung.. what happened to your cheek?" Henry asked seriously, zhoumi touches the left side of his face,

"Oh.. It was an accident with the swinging lunchroom door, i didn't see it.." Zhoumi replied,
"Really.." Henry asked, "Yeah.. i.. don't even feel it anymore, next time i'll be more careful.." Zhoumi replied with a small smile then looked toward another direction, He could never lie looking straight at someone, especially his best friend.

Hyoyeon thought it might've had something to do with her boyfriend, "Henry can i talk to zhoumi for a sec?" leaving henry was partially confused, "Go ahead"

She called him an he tentatively answered, "Did her boyfriend find out? did he do thi.." She asked, "No!" He replied quickly and when he briefly closed his eyes he could remember the hard hit and flinched opening his eyes to stare into nothing he didn't want to think about any of it.

"Let's go I really wanna change out of this uniform" Tugging at the collar of his white buttoned shirt, now wrinkled and the tie still loosened because of nichkhun, Henry agreed,

"Hey do i have to straighten your's too?" Hyoyeon asked, "I'm already going to change out of it, it's fine.." Zhoumi laughed nervously and henry reached up an fixed zhoumi's collar anyway,

He turned around to see naeun standing behind them near the steps frowning at him,

Hyoyeon said something to henry But zhoumi barely heard her anymore as he was entranced by an eerie feeling as he saw naeyun was strangely waving goodbye to him, He barely blinked almost forgetting to breath even and inside he was fuming,

And when she could that a smirk grew across her face. He shook slightly now knowing what to think of it at all.. but managed to regain his composure for his friends not to notice as they walked away, "So much for not thinking about them.. weisheme..?" Zhoumi whispered under his breath,

"Mi.. are you sure you're ok?" Henry asked again sensing something,

"Yeah..." He replied looking up to hide wielding tears "I'm fine just had a bad headache earlier, it was really bothering me all day" Zhoumi told him hoping to ease henry's suspensions.

"Don't know why i'm this hungry," Zhoumi said placing a hand on his stomach, He was determined not to let her or any of those jerks ruin the rest of his day, Being resilient would be a win in his eyes.

He thought of kyuhyun instead but the fact he'd visit him was overwhelming.

"So we're meeting back up at mine since it's closest to studyhall?" Henry added, "Yes henry..  So let's not over stay our welcome standing around besides we already unfortunately spend enough time of our life's here," zhou mi said,

"I definitely agreed to that," Hyoyeon said, "Sorry for the hold up guys i just wanna make sure our plans go smoothly for the rest of the day," Zhoumi told and hyoyeon took whole of his hand,

"No need to apologize got it, now let's go" Zhoumi smiled,


Nichkhun made his way down the school steps at the same time yuri left from the crowd when she slightly bumped into him "Are you okay i'm very sorry?" Nichkhun asked she only looked upset and annoyed at the question,

"You obviously weren't looking where you going" Yuri stated "What! me.." Nichkhun replied, "I'm fine by the way thanks" He added rubbing his shoulder. "Why are you concerned?" Yuri spoke he looked confused and taken aback by her coldness "Why do you think?" Nichkhun responded staring at her, "Just forget it.." He then scoffed turning to go "I didn't mean to speak as harshly as it came out.."

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