Teachers Recommended Study Hall. 5:53pm

Hangwang study hall was usually a sullen and bleak place, If you looked around, Which teachers would say was 'Time wasted from studies' You'd see a plethora of despondent faces but not from zhoumi.

He sat at one of the many tables writing down notes from a math book that laid open in front of him, then taking a quick look-over his textbook, then proceeded to write again on the sticky notes on the left of him, next to those sat five stacked books.

He grabbed his calculator glaring at it intensely, pressing buttons, then wrote the problem out particularly fast, barely blinking, His Glasses reflecting the contents of the math book as his eyes shifted left to right, He was in his zone, His Best friend sat across from him, practically freaking out as he looked at the test.

"Whyyy!!" Henry voiced in a louder tone than he would've liked, the outburst immediately received a chorus of hostile sshh's and angry glares throughout the hall, Zhoumi looked concerned as henry became shocked into remission lowering his head while sinking into his seat.

Zhou mi realized a teacher was looming over them, glancing between the two.
Henry looking slightly guilty. "Annyeongheaseyo Kwon-shi-nim" Zhou mi greeted quickly an quietly while bowing, "Ah annyeongheaseyo!" Henry followed almost terrified that he almost forgot to greet, Mr Kwon turns to toward henry.

"I'm glad to see that you've decided to partake in extra-credit activity" 

"Yeah" He Replied Jubilantly in english, "I Mean.. "ne.." Leading the man to blink at him with a slight glower. "Lau-shi we appreciate your enthusiasm but if you could do it quietly and not disturb the studies of others.." He asked sternly "Of course Sir, joesonghabnida" Henry apologized. Henry didn't speak as much hangul as zhoumi, But he knew 'sorry' since he usually found himself apologizing for something, The teacher then leaves the premise.

"I really didn't mean to be that loud" A Dejected henry spoke

"Don't worry about it anymore" Zhoumi sheepishly smiles


Moments Later

"This is torture" Henry complained, "At least it's not mandatory to wear our uniforms here" Zhoumi replied, "Oh my god that would be ten times worst.." Henry replied shuddering at the mental image.

When a bawled piece of paper was thrown hitting his back, He turns around seeing the culprit sitting, glowering, arms crossed, And turns away fast.

"Oh god..."

"What's wrong? You look like you've seen a monster" Zhoumi joked then raises an eyebrow, Seeing who it was "Really? He sighs

"What should i do?" Henry asks.

"How should i know, I thought you guys weren't speaking.."

"Yeah.. that doesn't work for her.." Then makes a phone sign to his ear mouthing "I'll call you later" She smiles and mouths ok, Henry turns his back content "That should do it,"

"I don't think it did anything.." Zhoumi breaks to him seeing her stick her tongue out at henry's back then goes back to glowering.

"Just go over there already," Zhoumi deadpans "NO!" Henry warned, "That's the last thing i should do that girl drives me crazy in a bad way.... Well and in a good way.." He Finishes and Zhoumi rolls his eyes 

"What i mean is if i go over, she'll never let me start or finish studying.."

"She obviously wants your attention" Zhoumi tells him.

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