Chapter 2. Part 1.

Next Day

After awaking zhoumi promised himself while getting ready for the day, He wouldn't let anything ruin it. He promised himself alot of things. Like visiting his family or finally talking with his crush, Things that were hard to accomplish, Talking to his crush became more difficult when he wasn't showing to school for the past week.. which meant he didn't have to stress about it.

His crush is a grade under him an he's fallen hard and the only person who knows this.. is him, He'd been meaning to tell his best friend, but it's become one of his broken promises to himself.. At this point why disclose it when there was no way of knowing if his crush shared the same feelings?

On another note occasionally his family would come to visit when he couldn't, Being so far away from them had it's affects an he missed them more than they'd ever know, As he walked to school he wished things weren't so complicated, sighing away any worries an shaking off the prior night, He gazed at the beautiful blue sky feeling warm sun rays on his skin and questioned what the day would bring.

He then greeted happily only to recieve a somber reply "Hey let's get there already.." So zhoumi wrapped his arm around his shoulder to cheer him up. "Come on so.. how do you think you did on the exam?" Zhoumi asked "I don't wanna talk about it.." Henry replied "Did you get enough rest last night?" Henry thought before answering "I think.. sure" He stuttered, "Henry! your delirious" Zhoumi exaggerated cupping his face, Henry shakes his head no cutely then groans and zhoumi lets go of him, "No really do i have to throw water on your face?" Zhoumi asked, "I'm good I'm good" Henry assured


"I have a makeup test to do in study hall.. I tried to get it done last night so i wouldn't have to go again" Henry huffed. "Don't stress too much, i'll help out if you want me to" Zhoumi offered, "But i'm pretty sure you'll do fine just don't try to over do it all in one night"

"About that what happened with you last night?" Henry asked, "What do you mean?" Zhoumi replied "We were supposed to meet later and.." Henry started, "Right i'd forgotten and went straight home"

"Oh well thanks it was better that i didn't ditch although i really wanted to go eat out" Henry admitted "Sorry I could make it up to you" Zhoumi poutingly insisted "I'm picking my favorite spot!" Henry replied happily, "Quit that! how is it i can never stay mad at you?" Henry questioned And zhoumi just giggled flashing a wide smile.


"Omo his smile.." Sooyeon noted standing distantly away from the two boys,
"Your going on about him again aren't you?" Sooyoung deadpanned then sighed "But you were so freaked out before when you told me about it and now" Sooyoung mentioned "But look at his smile" Sooyeon insisted turning sooyoung in zhoumi's direction who stood seemingly oblivious to their conversation "Ok it's cute but he's just kinda cute so not my type" Sooyoung shrugged.

"Whatever i'm not asking you to like him" Sooyeon scoffed "And i already mentioned he isn't my type either.. that's what's making this weird!" Sooyeon continued. "Yep you're definitely weird for liking him i don't get it He's geeky and wears glasses" Sooyoung observed. "I don't like him" Sooyeon lied "Stop being so stuck-up" Nudging sooyoung's arm hard.

"Ha! Says queen bitch, you reject every boy that comes near you, Because you think everyone wants you" Sooyoung bites back mockingly. "Omg why do i hang out with you" Sooyeon irritatingly asked, "Because i'm your bestie you're stuck with me besdie he's probably too smart for you anyways" Sooyoung replies running off, "Omg! you..!" Sooyeon shrieks.

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