Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


We are transtported quickly from the train station to the renewal center.

And there I meet my assistants, Molly, Shelly and Vicram.

They begin to wax me until I don't have a single hair left, on my whole body. The only way for me to not react to the pain is to disconnect the reality and think about completely different things.

Before I know it, I'm lying in a room and my stylist Keela comes into the room.

He is a white man who wears way too much brown cream, but other then that, he's the most normal thing I've seen in the short time I have been in the Capitol.

"Hey Clove", Keela says.

"Hello", I reply.

"Looking forward to the opening ceremony?" he asks.

"Uh well, yes", I say.

"I know it came as a shock, it's usually the eighteen year olds, it have always been hardest to choose between all the girls who volunteer", Keela says. "So I will, with your help make sure that no one sees you as a child".

Keela is right. If anyone under eighteen from District 2 is in the Hunger Games, they are always seen as the 12-year-olds from the other Districts.

It can't happen to me. Not when I've struggled so much to fit into the group with those who are two years older than me. I have always been seen as a child, it can't happen, not here, I'm not going to allow it.

Keela will give me outfits that will help me but basically it's I who must make sure that no one sees me as a child.

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