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Normal POV

Everyone all looks up and says "TO FAIRY TAIL!" Then Acnologia uses his dragon roar at Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail close their eyes then everything goes black.

Lucy's POV

I slowly wake up and see nothing but blue. I widen my eyes as I realize that there was no sky, only blue and a faint yellow glow. It was the ocean above me. I gasp and sit up, brushing off all of the dirt.  I quickly stand up and look around while gripping my hands to my chest. Where was everyone? Where was Natsu? I look left and right. I was on the beach where the boat was!  I start tearing up. Am I alive? Or did everyone get thrown back? Did all of us survive? These thoughts get stuck in my head as I walk towards the forest. Tears flow down my face. I collapse on my knees and sob. I then shake my head as I remember what I said before Natsu grabbed my hand. 'Fairy Tail never gives up!' I wipe my tears and stand up again. I continue to walk in the forest. Eventually I reach the place where I originally was. The beach where Acnologia first attacked.

I widen my eyes as I see familiar people on the beach. It was Mira, Lisanna, Elfman, Evergreen, Master, and Laxus! I run over there waving a hand. "MINNA" They all look at me. I eventually reach them. Lisanna hugs me. "thank god you're safe, have you seen anyone else?" "I'm afraid not." "then all we can do is wait" I look over at master. "why don't we look for them?" "There are monsters out there and we are all injured still. They'll come on their own" "but-" "Lucy, he's right." I sigh then sit on the ground and put my head in my hands. "my first question is why is the ocean above us?" "I don't know" I sigh.

"MINNA-SAN!" I look over to find Wendy with Happy, Carla, and Lily running towards us. I run over to her and hug her. "Wendy!" "Lucy-san!" I pull back and hug Happy "Lushi!" I smile as I carry him. "how are we alive?" " I don't know Lily. I don't know." I sit down on the ground again. Happy sits on my lap while eating a fish he somehow had. I sigh and lay down and look up at the ocean. Sunlight was shining through, making the ocean glow. I could only imagine how dark it would be at night. I think that it would be pitch black. Sunsets would be a little dim. Sunrises would be the same.

I hear some clanking so turn my head to the right and see Erza, Gray, Levy, and Gajeel. I stand up, after Happy jumps off, and hug Levy-chan. "LU-CHAN" "LEVY-CHAN" We pull back then my head gets slammed into Erza's armored chest. I groan in pain. "good to see you alive Lucy" "good...to see...you again Erza" I smile at Gray, who smiles back. Gajeel only crosses his arms. "bunny girl" "don't call me that!" I sigh saying "have you seen Natsu, Gildarts, Cana, Freed, or Bixlow?" "I'm afraid not. They should be on their way here" "thank god" I smile. Most of us were here now. Now we have to wait for the others.

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