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Chapter Four

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"That's stupid," I laughed, rolling my eyes at Taylor's plan to get Sabrina to go out with him. "As if she is going to tell you no if you just ask her out normally. Why try using such a dumb pickup line?"

Taylor had decided to ask Sabrina out with the corniest pickup line that he thought would make him seem smart.

"Yeah, Taylor, I have to agree with Luke. I'm a girl and I can tell you right now that saying 'I'm really attracted to you and, according to Newton's Law of Gravitation, you're attracted to me too' won't work. She'll be able to see right past it. Girls aren't stupid."

"Sabrina is," he stated, crossing his arms.

"Let me get this straight... You know Sabrina is stupid, but you want to date her anyway?" I sighed and looked away in disappointment. He was a shallow guy when it came to dating.

My eyes were brought back to the table when Landon Thomas sat down beside me. We all stared at him in confusion, but his eyes were only on me.

"Hey, Luke," he said, grinning at me.

"Hi, Landon. How's it going?"

"It's going." He continued to smile but said nothing else, causing me to shift uncomfortably in my seat.

"What do you want dude? You're making us uncomfortable," Taylor said after a few seconds.

Landon's eyes tore away from me and landed on Taylor. "That's a shame."

"What is?"

"Gay people make you uncomfortable."

Taylor's eyes narrowed. "Gay people don't make me uncomfortable. I'm friends with Luke, aren't I?"

"Only because he's been your best friend for a long time. You wouldn't be friends with him if it weren't for that." Landon turned his attention back to me. "Go out with me."

My eyes widened in surprise and I glanced at Taylor whose mouth fell open. "Um...."

"I'm not sure why you don't date any of the guys from school, but you should give someone a chance to get to know you and it might as well be me." A cocky smile made its way to his face as he crossed his arms, waiting for me to react.

That attitude might annoy some people, but it made me smile. He was cute, and his attitude made him even cuter. I liked a guy who knew who he was and was confident about it. "Since you put it like that, sure...why not."

Landon grinned as he handed me his phone and, after quickly saving my number, I handed it back. With a flirtatious wink, Landon got up and left the table.

Taylor's lips were drawn into a thin line when my eyes returned. I frowned. "What?"

"You're going to go out with him?" He didn't bother hiding the disdain in his voice.

"Yeah...why not?"

"Because he's a jerk!"

"So are you, Taylor."

He opened his mouth then shut it.

"Well, I think it's just adorable," Sara cut in.

We both turned to look at her. She had a pleased expression across her face that I'm sure had something to do with the fact that she had been waiting for me to finally start dating.

"Thank you, Sara."

"You better tell me how it goes. I mean, like every detail. Where you go, what you wear, what he wears, what you talk about, if he kisses you—"

"Kisses you?" Taylor interjected.

"Of course. You'll be the first to know," I assured her, ignoring Taylor's comment.

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