*Zoe's POV*

Our plane landed, and everyone was screaming different things like "WOOHOO PLAYLIST!!!!" "FLORIDAAAAA!" "PLAYLIST FREAKING LIIIVE!!" and I wasn't, as usual. But I was ecstatic. We all went down, but a lot of people were running down the aisles and I was feeling quite claustraphobic. I guess they have forgotten that I have panic attacks. But its alright, as long as they are happy. More and more people are getting their bags and some have fallen on me. My breathing was heavy, but then a hand held my wrist. It was Alfie. "Zoe, are you gonna have a... errr... Panic Attack?" he asked. He was concerened. "I think.. I don't... Know..." I said. Alfie put his arm around me and lead me to the front as quick as he could. Then, for the first time ever, me, Zoella Sugg, is in Florida. THIS IS SO EXCITING I CAN'T EVEN. "CHUUUMY!! PLAYLIST LIVE IS LIKE 40 minutes away!!" Louise exclaimed. "LETS TAKE THE YOUTUBE VAN" I exclaim back (A/N: lol i rly donut know if playlist is 40 minutes aWAY FORGIVE ME)


We see the hotel and Caspar is screaming. Louise is just jumping up and down and hit her head. We all laughed, and you might think that that was pretty mean, but Louise laughed as well. We got into the lobby and Louise and Marcus went to the check-in line. "Louise, want me to line up for you?" I ask. Louise just looked at Marcus and Marcus went straight to his phone. I think they're signaling something but I don't really care, I just wanna enjoy this. "Er no chum, you're jet lagged!" she said. She had a good point. I'm jet lagged and Louise isn't because she was excited. SHE DIDN"T EVEN SLEEP! My phone suddenly vibrated and it was Matt. I installed my sim card for Florida awhile ago. "Heyyyy Matt!" I said cheerfully. "HEEEY ZO, look at your Twitter, YOUR FANS ARE BOMBOARDING YOU! GO MEET THEM!" he exclaimed. He's right. I love my fans SO SO SO SO much. They're the reason I am here and they are the also part of this family. I walked outside and I saw like a ton of fans just screaming my name. Zoe, this is going to be a hell of a week.

*Marcus' POV*

I texted Matt to tell Zoe that her fans want to see her now so we can check them in. This plan is going well so far, I hope nothing will be ruined.


Louise gave Zoe her room key, and I gave Alfie his room key. Zoe and Alfie are basically sharing a room, and we used Matt to distract Zoe so she can't check in for herself. We secretly hide and hope that we won't get in trouble. This was our biggest downside, our friendship. But I do hope they get a long. "MARCUS LETS GO TO THE POOL SIDE AND HIDE, THEY'RE HERE!" Louise "whispered" we run to the poolside and Louise accidentally flings her bag near the door of Zoe and Alfie's room. "OOPS OH MY GOD" said Louise. "WHATEVER LETS JUST RUN AND HIDE!" she added. I nodded and continued running. Gosh, I hope this plan doesn't fall apart, all I know is Zoe loves Alfie.

*Zoe's POV*

I see Alfie with the same room key and number as mine. LOUISE AND MARCUS PLANNED THIS, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. All I wanted was to enjoy this holiday, and this is what they do. I'm speechless, I can't even talk. I can't even look at Alfie. Alfie held my hand and gave me a warm smile. "It's alright, Zo, I can sleep on the couch tonight." he said cheerfully. "Alfie.. LOUISE AND MARCUS PLANNED THIS FOR SOME REASON I AM NOT INVOLVED I AM SO SO SORRY YEAH ERR UH SORRY" "Zoe its alright I swear." he replied back. This was such a suprise, well, a double big suprise. Alfie is okay with this shit and I am sharing a room with him. Well, Zoe, you can survive this, right?


Me and Alfie are spending the night by watching Disney Films that I have brought with me and the butler watched our videos so he gave us tons of food. I'm resting my head on Alfie's shoulder and I actually feel like that we're together. Jack brought Claire with him but I am not affected, he's been nice lately. "Alfie, lets go swim." I said. "I WAS WAITING FOR YOU TO SAY THAT LETS GO" he said. I laughed and got my swimsuit.


Me and Alfie are swimming and it has been fun so far. It was just us two, splashing each other. I looked at my hands and they were black. OH NO, I FORGOT TO PUT ON WATERPROOF MAKEUP! "ALFIE MY FACE I AM SO" "Zoe, you're still beautiful without make-up." he said. I blushed. He got some water and splashed it on my face. He nodded and laughed because I have mascara smeared all over my face.


We sat on the cabanas and sighed. A lot of people say that most people admit their feelings/secrets in midnight. I don't want this silence anymore. Everything has been romantic so far. Holding hands, Disney Movies, and some Zalfie time. Ha, never thought I'd use that word. "Alfie... Do you still love me?" I ask shyly. Alfie let out a big sigh, "Zoe, I moved on. I was really hurt, I hope you understand that. But I want to forget the past for now.. Zoe, yes, I still love you maybe just a tiny little bit, but I moved on. I have a girlfriend, which is Ada and some wonderful friends. And you are part of them." he stated. Friends. Friends. Friend. I have been friendzoned. "Friends? This may sound dramatic but after all we have been through, all you want to say that I am your friend? What the hell, Alfie. I love you so so much. I could possibly say that I can't live without you. Now, this is really cheesy but it's true. I love my best friend, Alfie Deyes and nothing can change that. I moved on too, but with Jack. Because I love YOU. Alfie, I am saying this because not only because it's true, its because I've been hiding it for over 7 months now. I'm so sorry, Alfie." I said a mouthful. A tear fell from my eye and I want to walk away so bad. I stood up and walked. Before I go to the exit, Alfie grabbed my hand and cupped my face. "Those were the words that I was longing to hear for one whole year, Zoe. I love you too." he said. He played "Feel The Love" and we danced crazily and dived in the pool. This is cheesy, but I don't care. I love it. Oh, I also got my waterproof flashlight so we can see. Now, this is the thing I wanted to do, but I never experienced it. An underwater kiss. We reach the floor of the pool and Alfie put his hands on my waist quickly, and kissed me.

Playlist Live is amazing, so far, so good. Major props to Louise and Marcus.


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