Animal cruelty facts

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1. 5% of animal abuse cases involve dogs.

2. Many states don't consider livestock in their cruelty laws.

3. 66,000 dogs and 21,000 cats are used for animal testing every year.

4. Many animals killed for fur come from fur farms.

5. Fur farmers find the cheapest way of killing the animal. Most common way is electrocution

6. Egg-laying hens are debeaked with a hot knife to prevent cannibalism.

7. The number 1 fur producer is China.

8. 100 million sharks are killed a year for shark fin soup. The fishermen cut the fin off the shark before throwing it back into the ocean. The shark can't swim and sinks to the bottom of the ocean and dies a slow death.

9. In 2003 a ranch owner disposed of 30,000 nonproductive egg-laying hens by feeding them in a wood chipper, alive.

10. Researchers and scientists kill millions of animals a year in search for drugs to cure obesity-related ailments.

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