Chapter Four: Unexpected Turn of Events

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"This stops you struggling." He murmured as my legs gave out from the numbness. His grip on my arm was the only thing that held me up, but he soon let me fall. "And your behaviour just now proves you need it."

He moved me to lay on my back, and my head lolled, having also succumbed to numbness. But the embarassment at the indignity of it all (although I had very little dignity left after the bathing fiasco) didn't come until later. Darkness sucked away the edges of my focal range, and my body faded into nonexistence.

"Now that's done..." I felt another injection enter at the inside of my wrist, and I had no time to wonder how I felt it when my arms were no longer there, as the dark purple liquid caught my attention. It vanished quickly from the syringe, being pushed by the devil's hand.

Then the burning started.

A scream wanted to force it's way through my lips, but the previous injection took away even the most minimal right of being allowed to writhe and thrash in pain. I asked why; always why, why this was happening to me, why no one had come to help me. The sensation of acid in my veins blunted my sense of reason.

Minutes- or perhaps hours- of agony passed,spreading sluggishly through my body. My left arm (the arm that the injections were administered in- though I didn't realise the connection at the time) started to feel really cold through the burning, which caused the faintest and vaguest form of confusion in me. I felt another needle enter my arm, and didn't even have time to be surprised that I could feel it because of the torturous pain I was in. My screams continued shrilly- having finally broken free- and I heard Danna's voice, barely subdued panic and confusion in his tone.

"it's not working!" he hissed,and then I heard him stand. I now realise, from the sound of his footsteps, that he had gone over to the window. His voice was raw and furious when he spoke again, "Oh, you stupid girl!"

He walked back over and kneeled next to my limp, would-be-flailing-unattractively body. I heard a tearing noise, but couldn't really see anything- my eyes were flickering around too much in my alarm.  My memories grow hazy here, just a strange tightness around my arm, followed by a sharp, slicing pain...

And then I blacked out.

When I woke again, I hurt all over and was pretty sure I had been out a few days at least. I couldn't really remember what had happened, just dark red blood- and a lot of it. I glanced down at myself- Danna must have changed my clothes since they were blue, not red- but dark, contaminated burgundy still stained the floor, reminding me that it wasn't a dream.

And then I caught sight of my arm- or rather, what was left of it. Bloodied bandages wrapped around the remaining part of what once had been a limb, mutilated at just below the shoulder joint. I rapidly turned my head away, bile rising in my throat, but the image was burned into my mind's eye.

Gulping down deep lungfuls of air, I scanned the room, trying to put off the churning of my stomach. It looked mostly the same as usual, the monster responsible for this absent as always. It took me a moment to realise, but I was angry. More than that, I was furious. This was his fault. How dare he?! He had destroyed me, and now my life was ruined! What was the point of anything if I had only one arm?! I couldn't be a shinobi with one arm! Was this just another ploy to keep me here?!

"You bastard!!" I screamed, pulling against the shackles on my ankles hard, the pain making my eyes water- but I was past caring. "I hate you!! I hate you so much!! I hope you die, bastard!!!" My body threw itself off balance in my rage, and I stretched out an arm to catch myself, only to realise too late that I no longer had it. I fell, hard, and rolled onto my front, openly sobbing. I wished more than anything that I would wake up, home, once againamong my world of house plants and my Mother calling every day to see if she was a Grandmother yet. To wake up and realise that it was all a horrible nightmare. I had never wanted anything more than I wanted that right then.

"You asshole son-of-a-bitch!" I shrieked, "I hate you!!"

"Hm, that hurts." the sarcastic tone just made me rear up.

"Go die!! You bastard!!" I screamed, hissing and spitting like a pathetic animal as he used that jutsu of his to pin my remaining limbs. The monster just rolled his eyes and began unwinding the bandages. I gagged and looked away, instead glaring at his concentrated face. "It's your own fault. You should have eaten when I told you to. Then the antidote would have worked."

"You fucking cut off my arm!" I roared, struggling internally against the grip of his jutsu, but to no avail.

He merely shrugged, "I had to stop the poison spreading. You should be grateful, I could have just let you die... it would have been a lot more painful than this." his eyes grew wide as the remaining bandages fell away, revealing the bloodied, blunt end. That calculating smile then came onto his face again, "Well, that's interesting..."

"What?!" I demanded hotly, still seething.

"What is your name?" he asked, and I growled.

"What the fuck does that have to do with anything?!" I snarled. He stopped me short with a cold glare- but he couldn't keep the gleeful look from his eyes- I could see it, along with that smug smirk that I wanted so badly to beat off his face.

"Now. I'm going to ask again. What is your name?" the Akatsuki scum asked, his voice hard, brittle, and- most of all- dangerous. I scowled, but this time did as I was told.

"Yuki. Tokage Yuki." I muttered, denying that there was any sort of sulky tone to my voice. Danna nodded minutely, as if he was right about something. The smirk was full-blown now.

"Well now, you were a find! I knew it!" he stated somewhat proudly, "A child of the lizard clan... how beneficial."

"What do you mean?" I asked warily, suspicion lacing my tone. He cupped my face, a cold kind of joy in his eyes, one that I hoped never to experience.

"Look at your arm." he proclaimed- I really didn't want to, but had to know what he meant. So I did.

That one glance was one of the few occurences to happen over the next few months that would change my life.

"The limb.." Danna whispered, a child-like excitement- made macabre in respects of it's source- in his voice and expression,

"It's re-growing.."

- - -

A cool ability of lizards is that they can regrow whole limbs if they are amputated. It was while watching a documentary on reptiles that I had this idea for the story. I was still in the planning stage then haha XD

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