Chapter Nine: Poison

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So I just got my first ever anon hate. It sucked.


TRIGGER WARNING: self harm and semi-bulimia are mentioned in this chapter.

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Chapter Nine: Poison

He'd waited a while, but the trail was still fresh. Obiri, the fox that Matsushima had contracted a long time ago, made it obvious that he could easily follow the scent. It helped that, in the desert, it rained very rarely; and when it did it was sparse. It hadn't rained in days, long enough to ensure that there was a clear trail to follow.

While following the silhouette of the small Fennec fox, Matsushima couldn't help but wonder what had been going through Yuki's mind as she left. She'd disappeared in the middle of the night- why do that if she was going to leave such a clear trail? She was usually much more careful than this. She was always totally unscrupulous when it came to covering her tracks.

He wasn't quite sure why he was so fixed on tracking her down. He was telling himself that it was because she was his friend and he was going to bring her back to be where she belonged.

But if he was really, truly honest with himself... he felt like something was wrong.

After all... she wouldn't leave without saying goodbye if nothing was wrong.

My stomach couldn't hold down food since I'd returned. Mostly because every time I ate, I'd wait for Danna to leave, and then my fingers would find the back of my throat, forcing it back up. It stung the back of my mouth, and the still-healing split in my lip. The pain was refreshing. It helped me keep aware.

I rolled onto my back, arms falling limply to the floor with a fleshy thud. That hurt too. The ceiling swirled, and I did nothing to stop it- I didn't want to think. I only wanted to lose myself in nothingness until time came for me to be roused again from my daze for yet more pain.

"The antibiotics aren't going to work if you keep on throwing them up." Danna said as he returned to the room. He was under the impression I'd picked up some sort of illness on my way back from Suna. The medication hadn't been able to make me weaker than I already was- it was barely ever in my system more than half an hour. It always got vomited back up, along with the food.

My eyes rolled to look at him, then back up to the ceiling again. I wouldn't think about the clear brown of his eyes. If he suspected that I was making myself throw up, he wasn't showing it. My stomach churned, my chest rattled with each inhalation. "Too bad."

He huffed something that I thought might have been a chuckle, and my stomach swelled with a restless, agitated feeling. I immediately wished that he would leave. "Given up already? I thought you were stronger than that." I felt his approach more than I heard it; his hand pinched the loose, papery skin of my chin to force me to look at him. All amusement had disappeared from his voice, "I'm disappointed."

The place where he'd grasped burned in more ways than one, and when I glared, I was more angry at myself than I was at him. I was becoming soiled, doused heavily in a sin that would never wash off. He was like a mental poison and I could feel my brain collapsing under the pressure of his presence.

"Get away from me." I snarled, voice cracking. I tried to move away in what little way I could, but my body didn't listen. It didn't agree with the action.

"Still as impolite as ever..." Danna stood up. His red hair was just as messy as ever, the bright colour imprinted in the back of my eyelids. I could never escape his visage. My chest tightened. "Well, this won't do. I can't test your ability with you like this."

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