Chapter Seven: Sunagakure

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Ohayooo! :D I have returned from my incredibly long hiatus to try and finish up my stories. Why? Because, truth be told, the thing I always feared has happened. I have gone off Naruto.

Obviously I still love it, it is my rebound anime and the one that got me into this stuff in the first place- so it will always be a favourite of mine. I'm just not as into it as I used to be; and schoolwork requires a lot of attention. I'll try and update as often as I can, but yeah. Don't expect a lot haha.

Welp, let's get on, shall we? c:

Chapter Seven: Sunagakure

The trek through the desert was harsh and treachorous. The area was experiencing a rough sandstorm in the moment I arrived, meaning I had already wasted two of my four days travelling. Luckily, being a Suna girl, I knew the right way to navigate through the desert so as to stay alive.

Though that may not have been so lucky, in some ways.

I kept my head down as I walked through the village, part of me appalled at the lack of security, and another part happy that it had been so easy to get in. I'd only had to drop into the crevice around the back of the village and pass through the tunnels that went under the wall. I'd have thought they would have a couple of guards, at the very least. They were supposed to be on high alert because of the Akatsuki activity.

I paused. When did 'we' become 'they'? I'd only been away from Suna a few weeks. Why did it feel so unfamiliar? The whole place felt wrong. The sand too warm, the sun too bright. I wanted my darkness to return.

I shuddered slightly, putting my captivity out of my mind. Squinting in the light, I was relieved to see the familiar, sand battered building that was once my home.

I shook my head. It still was my home.

My key had been lost in transit, if I could really call it that, so I settled for punching out the lock. I didn't have the time to whittle away on trying to find my spare key.

Or at least, I attempted. As my hand throbbed painfully, realised just how weak I had become in my time away. There was no way I'd be able to break the door down with brute strength how I used to be able to. Luckily, Danna had provided me with a kunai.

I wedged the blade into the doorjamb, on top of the lock slat. I bore down on it with my full body weight, not bothering to try and get my chakra to help me along. My chakra no long cooperated with me, I'd gone untrained too long. That, and it was stretched thin enough just keeping my body from giving out on me.

A crack sounded and the lock broke, the wood of the door splintering around it. I managed to maneuver the lock so that the door would swing open easily. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for closing it again. It would be fine ajar, I'd only be here a few minutes.

It disappointed me to see that all of my jungle-like fauna had died off in my absence. I don't know what I'd expected; I'd been gone a while and in this temperature with no water they were sure to wither soon enough.

It didn't take me long to get on, very quickly making the decision to simply clean myself up and then leave. But the shower seemed too hot, the soap and shampoo too luxurious, the towel too fluffy. I'd become unaccustomed to such unnecessary extras.

I quickly dried off, moving awkwardly through the flat to my room and going into my wardrobe. The whole ordeal felt unnatural. Without even thinking about it, I grabbed the only Yukata that I owned. It was extremely loose on me, but it was much better than anything else I could have worn. Everything else was alien, but this felt right.

I flopped down on my bed, arms spread wide. It was nice to be able to stretch out, I was so used to being chained up now. But the ceing shifted and swirled, sandstone becoming white cement. I sat up with a gasp, a cold flush on my skin.

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